I’ve been thinking a lot about progress. I realized that I had unintentionally erased those celebratory moments and the recognition for the small steps. I would feel defeated because I haven’t reached X goal, but I had overlooked goals A-W which brought me to where I stand, on my way to goal X. This afternoon I sat with my iced coffee and began combing through my memory and identifying the small steps I’ve made in 2021, 2020, and so on. I encourage you to do this tonight or this week, too. If you want to go as far as jotting those small steps on a piece of paper or typing it in a Google Doc, I think that would be a great list to refer back to for inspiration and encouragement.

Sunday Spotlights 2

I spent this past week deep in research on how I can create a plan to reach my sustainability goals (read my post here about it). I’m meeting with a new connection this week to learn more about lifestyle changes I can make and how to create said plan. I also implemented the practice of sustainability, which I shared in my “Art of Letter Writing” blog post on Tuesday. I identified ways that I could use the item I had at home (aka the craft supplies) then found less environmentally harmful replacements for when I run out. I’ve also identified more ways to be conscious of the environmental impact I have around the house:

Fitness and Wellness

I took this week off from my big workouts because I was so mentally exhausted. I went on walks with the pup to stay active and loved how sunny it was. Spring is right around the corner and I can’t wait! This week I’ve planned to get back to strength training (at home) and resume my M/W/F schedule. I have a free fitness tracker (click here) if you want to download and keep track of your workouts, plan them, or use the sheet to write and track your goals. I also revamped my fitness and wellness section of the blog. Click here to view the page. On the fitness and wellness hub I will be regularly updating the sections with the equipment I am using/loving, share reviews of new fitness programs, outfits, brands, and more. So, be sure to check out the page if fitness and wellness are interests.

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Education and Advocacy

This week I continued learning about Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission to end modern day slavery within the cocoa industry. Though our partnership I was able to gain more of an understanding about this human rights issue and see the statistics. I also learned about the U.S. governments direct link as there was a report paid for by the U.S. which provided information on this injustice. Click here to read more about Tony’s mission and how to get involved to end slavery. I’m proud to have dedicated space on this blog to sharing the information Tony’s has equipped me with and to support a chocolate company that doesn’t see people as statistics, but rather as human beings who deserve to be treated fair and humanely.

Thank you for the support on this Instagram post about my Tony’s Chocolonely partnership. I appreciate the likes, shares, and DM’s about the cocoa industry statistics I shared. Every interaction helps to not only boost visibility on the post itself but Tony’s mission and the global human rights issue that is in need of more advocates and supporters.



Chicago PD and A Discovery Of Witches which I mentioned in last week’s post. I’m also watching the new season of When Calls The Heart on The Hallmark Channel, along with binge watching previous seasons of NCIS: LA and NCIS: New Orleans. Tonight I’m particularly interested in the Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I’ve been counting down the hours since the initial promotion was released!


Same as last week! My favorites are On Purpose With Jay Shetty and Eat Blog Talk.


Bookcases. I spent a majority of yesterday restyling the one and my room. I love how functional bookcases are and also the versatility with becoming a statement design piece.


As we enter a new week AND a new month, I encourage you to stop and reflect. You can write this down on a piece of paper, use these as discussion points with friends/family/loved ones or think on these independently or with your therapist. I’m trying to get better at carving out intentional space each week and month to pause and think on what worked, what didn’t, and set intentions for the days ahead.


  1. How am I truly?

  2. Who am I when no one is around?

  3. Who am I outside of my relationships, responsibilities, and self-imposed expectations?

  4. What is one thing that will bring me joy this week that I can do?


It is not weak to ask for help and the bravest people understand the strength in support.

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