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Macaila Britton is a storyteller and environmental advocate. She strives to write meaningful stories everyone can see themselves in, spanning multiple formats. Her stories are centered around conscious, kind, and purposeful living—whether that be someone’s (hopefully) future favorite book or script. You can expect to uncover themes of STEMinism, environmentalism, and the arts within her bodies of work. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Macaila hopes to leave her mark, making it better for future generations.

She’s in the process of publishing children’s books all while balancing a 9-5 (give or take a few hours) within the communications/marketing industry.

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Publishing Update

Updates about Macaila’s publishing journey/books will be featured here.
The news will be shared as soon as it is allowed to become publically available. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for more frequent updates.

Alignment & Measurements

Macaila aims to align her writing and creative pursuits with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).In particular, SGD 12, 13, and 17.
Learn more about how Macaila aligns, tracks, and measures ethical and environmental progress.

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Macaila Joins Naperville Magazine As A Regular Contributor

Macaila Joins Naperville Magazine As A Regular Contributor

Naperville Magazine covers Chicago’s west suburbs The publication is a part of the Tribune Publishing portfolio. Article Clippings For Winter 2021-Summer of 2022, Macaila Britton was commissioned as a regular contributor writer for Naperville Magazine. Macaila’s background is in ethical and environmental journalism/communications. She was pleased to take over the Market, Shop, and 630 pages…

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Liz Earle: Our Leaders Should Do More To Prioritise Women’s Health

Macaila Britton talks to Liz Earle MBE, wellbeing brand founder, about her experience in the industry and what still needs to change.

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Featured Publication: Naperville Magazine

Naperville Magazine

Naperville Magzine is a Tribune publication covering Chicago’s western suburbs. It is the sister publication to Chicago Magazine.

Macaila writes for the Market and Shop pages, which feature local businesses in the area. Since taking over the pages in winter 2020, Macaila seeks to refresh the reader-loved section by focusing content on local, sustainability, and ethics when possible.

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