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This week the weight of the world weighed on my shoulders. I’m trying to learn more about the hatred running armpit throughout American and other countries as stories and news reports show the hate Asian communities are facing. One of my favorite bloggers, Laura, is the creator of What’s Hot Blog. I enjoyed her newsletter today where she compiled a list of books, resources, and accounts that are dedicated to spreading factual and accurate information to support our Asian friends and community. I credit Laura with the resources below for helping me to understand what others are facing and the cruelty that we can help put an end to. I hope you find those helpful while you are learning more about stopping Asian hate.

#StopAsianHate Resources:

  1. Harpers Bazaar: It’s time we stopped downplaying the UK’s anti-Asian racism

  2. Time: ‘This Isn’t Just a Problem for North America.’ The Atlanta Shooting Highlights the Painful Reality of Rising Anti-Asian Violence Around the World

  3. Vogue: Why I’m No Longer Staying Silent About Anti-Asian Racism

  4. Vice: This Is What Anti-Asian Hate Looks Like in the UK

Self-awareness in advocacy & triggers:

This week my learning on the topic was slower than usual because I was feeling a lot of anxiety and sadness around the reports of more hatred. I want you to know that if you’re feeling this way too, you’re not alone and it’s okay to feel scared when you hear about these things. However, don’t let that fear stop you from equipping yourself with knowledge and understanding what/why/how these things are happening. It took me a few days this week to feel comfortable and mentally strong enough to read and watch the interviews of victims. But, in the meantime I equipped myself with the information to learn in another way. I engaged in the tweets, articles, and supported businesses that were sharing stories of their Asian community members talking about this issue and resources for how we as a society can grow.

If you aren’t feeling like you are in a spot to digest the interviews and victim stories, that’s okay too. This doesn’t mean you care less about what’s going on in the world––so long as you try to find and access information about how you can play a part in stopping Asian hate. In order to be a successful and true advocate and ally, you must understand what areas you can allows yourself to learn about these difficult topics and what your triggers are. Perhaps you read the news articles with less details of the specific hate crimes. Maybe you can’t look at the bloody images––that’s okay, just don’t let your boundary and where you are now prevent you from growing into the ally you can become.

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I started the Turkish drama, Sen Cal Kapimi, and wowowowow I forgot how much I LOVE discovering international shows. The exhilaration of not understanding the language, the curiosity in reading the subtitles and wondering if it is the literal translation or if the poetic sentences are what the writers intended. I think there’s magic in watching a TV show that takes place in a society that differs from my own because the fashion, architecture, customs, and lifestyle reveal more about these characters life and the lives of those halfway across the globe. I like how connected I feel to a country I’ve never been to while watching the show. I feel as though my soul is able to travel despite being limited by the pandemic.


As we enter a new week AND a new month, I encourage you to stop and reflect. You can write this down on a piece of paper, use these as discussion points with friends/family/loved ones or think on these independently or with your therapist. I’m trying to get better at carving out intentional space each week and month to pause and think on what worked, what didn’t, and set intentions for the days ahead.


  1. How can I use my voice/talents/position/resources to help others this week?



It is not selfish for me to prioritize myself and my mental health.

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