Sunday Spotlights 3

This last week was quite busy for me. I sent in what felt like a million––perhaps two million––job applications/resumes. I also kept up with the hype surrounding last Sunday’s mental health conversation started by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with Oprah adding to the topic and publicizing the royal couple’s story. My heart was heavy after watching the interview and learning about Meghan’s battle with suicide. Thus weighted on me so much so that I ended up penning two pieces on the topic to help cope with the information and emotions brought on by the heavy discussion. The first article I wrote was published here on the blog, “Meghan Markle’s Story And Mental Health Resources By Country”, click here to read it. I felt the need to publish a post with free resources and dedicate more of my platform and time to breaking the barriers of the mental health stigma and equip those who may be in need of/searching for resources. The second article I wrote is live on Woman Alive UK, and is in response to Piers Morgan’s harsh comments while filming for Good Morning Britain, where he publicly disputed mental health struggles. Click here to read my piece on why “Christians Must Hold Toxic Media Accountable When It Comes To Mental Health”.

cultivating a relaxing weekend

Those articles were heavy for me to write because I was plagued with the realities of disappointment with my own struggle within the church when I sought support for my battle with anxiety after my traumatic brain injury and the stories and days full of tears belonging to my friends was the ink which flowed from my pen. There were many heavy follow up conversations via social media after my articles were published and while I am incredibly grateful to have been able to have those talks, I needed to spend time this weekend refilling my cup and focusing on things a bit less heavy.

Practicing order and creating a SERENE space:

  • Organized my bedroom––put laundry away, organizing the bookshelf, etc.

  • Spent time journaling

  • Planned the upcoming week and set intentions for what I want to achieve

  • Allowed myself to indulge in rest and feeling okay with not being as productive as “normal”.

Fitness and Wellness

I also began at home physical therapy. I was having a lot of pain and bit the bullet, acknowledging that just because I don’t want something to hurt, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something wrong. And so, I began my PT routine and am rehabbing a flair up. I’m writing this on day two and so far so good. Let’s see how the muscle rehab is next week. It was absolutely beautiful this weekend and I tried to get in a few walks. Because of the PT, I went on four or five shorter walks throughout the days, which my dog was a fan of.




I spent the weekend bing watching (nearly all) of the historical drama, The Musketeers. I. LOVE. this. show. There is so much action, adventure, and friendship packed into each episode that it’s appeasing the part of my soul that longs for the days of travel again.

Still Watching:


I didn’t listen to any podcasts outside of the ones for the language lessons I’m enrolled in.


Cake dishes/trays. I found a light pink flowered one from a local shop and I enjoy how it brightens up the table/room. I find that because it’s small, the tray helps me to not buy so many treats each week at the bakery.


As we enter a new week AND a new month, I encourage you to stop and reflect. You can write this down on a piece of paper, use these as discussion points with friends/family/loved ones or think on these independently or with your therapist. I’m trying to get better at carving out intentional space each week and month to pause and think on what worked, what didn’t, and set intentions for the days ahead.


  1. Is what I’m doing today helping me get to where I want to be tomorrow?

  2. What would I do today if I knew I could not fail?

  3. How can I show support and community (virtually) to those I love/around?

  4. What brings me joy?


I will hold tight to kindness even if others do not. I will not fall prey to the vile ways of sour words. My mouth will not become a weapon for which words are fired from, wounding those around.

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