A Recap Of Last Week:

Looking back on last week, one word comes to mind: comfort. A few opportunities for me to step outside of my comfort zone presented itself and I leaned into those moments of uncertainty to pursue that new level of discomfort, to grow. While I didn’t scale a mountain, I feel just as accomplished as if I had done so. Last week I noticed my resilience while taking a cycling class. I purchased a Peloton bike dupe and during the class, I had noticed how good I am at pushing through the hard part. While the instructor was hyping the class up, I didn’t feel like I needed to hear that message. I was thinking about that for the remainder of the class and then after. I used to need that encouragement to keep moving and over the years I had prioritized practicing persevering. That was the first time I really noticed my hard work surfacing. I felt quite proud of all the previous classes and life lessons that had equipped me with the strength to keep pushing forward.

Saturday Mom and I decided to go out for dessert. It finally feels like summer is around the corner—it was absolutely beautiful outside. We went to Four Brothers Chocolate in Wheaton. This was our first time at the new location. Before I’ve enjoyed their perfectly crafted caramels from John who has brought them to events I’ve wither planned or attended. Oh my, how I missed those caramels and their chocolate! I adore the outdoor eating area and the aesthetic.

What I’m Watching:

I’m watching the new season of Good Witch (on Hallmark Channel), which premiers on Sunday nights. A group of friends and I are also watching Shadow & Bone together. I’ve already seen the series—click here to read my review on season 1—but, it’s nice to re-watch and pick up on the details I may have missed the first time around.

What I’m Learning:

How to use Clubhouse. My friend Jacqui invited me a few months ago but I never really got the hang of the scheduling and invite-only aspect of joining discussions I’d enjoy participating in. Friday I spent a few hours listening in and googling the terminology mentioned. I’m also studying Spanish with Babbel. I had to take a few weeks off to balance work projects, but I’m happy to be back learning again and working towards becoming bilingual.

Looking To The Week Ahead:

As we enter a new week AND a new month, I encourage you to stop and reflect. You can write this down on a piece of paper, use these as discussion points with friends/family/loved ones or think on these independently or with your therapist. I’m trying to get better at carving out intentional space each week and month to pause and think about what worked, what didn’t, and set intentions for the days ahead.

This Week’s Intention/Mantra/Encouragement:

Make time to relax and enjoy yourself.


Rediscover your favorite things to do that aren’t attached to a goal, milestone, or achievement.

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