The Ethics & Environmental Impact of Communications

I want all that I do to be rooted in ethics and environmental sustainability. I pledge to look for the least harmful way to enjoy all life and what the planet has to offer. My content will work towards being exclusively ethically produced.

What Is Ethical Communications?

Ethical communication is a way of telling stories and helping to spread information/marketing that is true, accurate, honest, original, credited, and factual, so others can clearly understand. Ethical communications encourage equality and accessibility and are against prejudice, racism, and hate.

What Is Environmental Communications?

Environmental Communications places the environment at the heart of information and stories, helping to spread ethical information and ensure communications projects, deliverables, and initiatives are created with the least negative impact, possible.

How Do Ethics & Environemtnal Communications Go Together—Why It’s Important

You can’t have successful and long-lasting environmental communications without the ethical component. Environmental communications are about equipping people, organizations, and governments with data, stories, and connection points in the messaging, for action to be taken to lessen the effects of climate change caused by global warming. Those environmental communications pieces need to be accessible to those with a disability, as well as respect and attribute the creative aspect that goes into storytelling, marketing, and general communications.

Saving our planet is now a communications challenge.

— Sir. David Attenborough

Identifying My Ethical Digital Environmental Impact

Outlined within the environmental impact report, my content and communications will be produced ethically and environmentally. Below are the main points for being able to communicate ethically and with the environment as a priority.

1. Alignment & Measuring Progress

The following points will be used to align my ethical environmentally sustainable reporting, policy, and operations.

1.1 I am a part of Ethical Influencers, a digital community “collectively working towards a better world”. Learn more about Ethical Influencers, here.

1.2 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This article outlines my digital communications alignment and specific measurements.

1.3 His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta. This article outlines my digital communications alignment and specific measurements.

1.3.1 Download and read my free commitment and the explanation for how I’m adopting the Terra Carta for my digital communications, marketing, and public relations (PR) blogging, creative pursuit, and other relating projects.

2. Policy

2.1 Current policies published on this website are about cookie policy and privacy policy.

2.2 Additional policy in development is outlined within my Digital Impact Report and Goals resource, along with the timeline for publishing.

3. Reporting

3.1 Published for Earth Day 2022, is this website’s first ethical and environmental Digital Impact Report & Goals, outlining the commitment to ethical environmentally sustainable systems in a digital landscape.

3.2 Additional seasonal updates will be provided, to update progress on the goals within the Digital Impact Report.

My Free Ethical & Environmental Resources:

View My Digital Impact Report and Goals

View My Commitment To Adopting The Terra Carta For Digital Communications, Marketing, and PR

Macaila is a proud member of Ethical Influencers, a digital community doing good. Ethical Influencers is committed to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, with a particular focus on sharing relevant information and raising awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.