On day 2 of Plastic Free July, I forgot that my local coffee shop only has plastic cups. If you find yourself in the same situation, here are 7 ways to reuse a plastic coffee cup. Click here to read about plastic-free July.

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Ways To Reuse A Plastic Coffee Cup

These are my 7 ideas on how to reuse a single-use plastic cup… after you wash it, of course!

1: Put It In Your Car

Keep the cup in your car in a reusable lunch bag with other non-food items like utensils just in case you forget something when you’re out or traveling to work.

2: Laundy Room Catch All

Put the plastic cup somewhere in your laundry room—ideally, within reach of your washer—to catch anything from your clothing’s pockets before it goes into the wash.

3: Use As A Drawer Organizer

If you have a vanity or drawer, use the cup to catch hair ties, bobby pins, clips, etc. In the reel I included in the beginning of this post, I show how I’m using the plastic cup to hold my jade roller. It always gets lost in the vanity drawer.

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4: Art Accessory

Use the cup to clean or hold paintbrushes. This can be a way to have one go-to cup to place art supplies or paint brushes that need cleaning and to also use the cup as the cleaner. Place a squirt of soap in it and soak the brushes.

5: Sensory Bin

If you or someone you know has sensory bins, add the cup as part of the sensory bin’s setup, building, or activity.

6: Gardening Tool

Use the cup to scoop soil or dirt and keep it in your gardening bin from when you may need to hold something or scoop dirt, next.

7: Add the cup to your collection

Add the now clean plastic cup and lid to your reusable cup or water collection. Reach for the cup to pour in your favorite coffee or drink before your next walk.

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