Last week the wise words of someone I have grown to admire shared the phrase “God never leaves us unresourced!” I didn’t know how much my soul needed to receive those words until they were said. Today I’m going to share the resources I have integrated into my life in hopes they can be of assistance in yours, as well.

Resources helping me in life:

I have divided the resources I refer back to on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis by categories.

Health + Wellness


The Health app made its way to the first page of my phone about 6 or so months ago. When my phone updated the app automatically re- downloaded and I decided to browse the application. I noticed quite a few features I have come to rely on. For instance, I have a few medical issues and I was able to add those allergies and health history to the app and incase of an emergency, those things will register on my phone/ the database providing emergency services with my information. I also used to use a Fitbit but I don’t like wearing things around my wrists, so I come to rely on the distance tracking feature in this app and use it for hikes, runs, walks, etc. I find it to be pretty accurate and I like being able to look back on my activity history.


Essencia Yoga Studio is where you’ll find me at the end of the week. My friend started teaching a class there which is now a staple in my weekend routine. I love taking her class because I am able to let whatever happened earlier in the week go, reflect, and create space for the upcoming week.

The lululemon Store Locator is gold. The majority of lululemon stores around the globe offer FREE weekly yoga classes. For those on a fixed income or not willing to make the commitment to a yoga studio, this is a great resource. Plus, for anyone wanting to branch out and make new friends this is a welcoming environment to do so. I recommend to anyone moving to checkout the closest lululemon to their new place and learn about the free instore activities and special events they have coming up. I love surrounding myself with the lululemon community- my location especially- because they make it a point to not focus exclusively on the physical health, but mental and emotional as well!


The Health Code podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It is “a fun, informative, unfiltered and real podcast run by health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah’s Day and professional photographer, content creator, Personal Trainer and… Sarah’s boyfriend, Kurt Tilse. This dynamic duo are here to crack the code on all things health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building your dream career. Get ready, because they’re about to reveal some serious tips, tricks and healthy hacks!”

The Cold Sweat Podcast is run by Chicago local, Kacie Diamond, who I had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with last spring for a podcast. Kacie talks about all things health and wellness- focusing especially on the hotspots, up and coming trends, and uncovering hidden gems of the health and wellness world in Chicago. Kacie does a great job at showcasing local Chicagoans in the health and fitness realm and raising awareness for the lifelong journey that is health.


Benevolent Detachment is the practice of “giving back to Jesus the people and things we are unnecessarily carrying, as we are able to approach those areas from a place of union with Jesus, rather than trying to do it on our own.” Earlier this month I had a conversation on mental health, and Daniel, the feature of the article shed light on this practice. I didn’t know there was a name or wording for what I was practicing- especially during my yoga classes. It’s been quite refreshing for me this past week researching and learning more about how to further grow in practicing Benevolent Detachment. I love how this decision- this mindset and priority bleeds into all other aspects of my life.

Caroline Williams Yoga is a YouTube channel “with Christian yoga and meditation videos that help you connect with the peace and presence of God right here and now!” Monday I was having a rough day and started my week with her video, “Meet Jesus on Your Yoga Mat Day One”, followed by the “Guided Lectio Divina of the Psalms”.

Sarah’s Day is a YouTube channel I have followed for nearly 2 years. She is a great motivation to try new healthy recipes, fun fitness classes, and maintain the balance- not letting my wellness goals consume me.


Mental Health


The Pause App is “a simple way to connect with God in the middle of your busy day… this app invites you into the simple practice of releasing everything to God, restoring your union with God, and inviting him to fill you”. As I’m writing this, I unlocked the 3, and 5 minute pauses which is so exciting! I set the push notification reminders on my phone for both a busy and relaxing part of my day. In the mornings I’m usually doing a lot of computer work or just getting home from early morning errands. Having this scheduled in the later morning has helped me to feel less all over the place and less anxiety filled and release everything to God. Deepening on the day, I’ve noticed between the time I wakeup and eat lunch, I’m feeling the burnout. The pause is a great supplement to my morning devotional and something that nourishes my soul without requiring additional brainwork. Instead, my mind is given a break and recharges in those 60 seconds.

I discovered the Faith & Mental Wellness app from blogger, Brittney Moses. I am enjoying the topics she discusses and her approach for coupling mental health and faith- this is the approach/ discussion I am incredibly passionate about.


The Grace Alliance, “Guided into Living Grace”, free download is saved on my phone home screen. It’s not a traditional book, but it is longer than the average downloadable and my phone saves it as an e-book… so let’s go with that classification to keep things organized in this list 😉


The Chasing Joy Podcast is in my lineup for when I’m driving. I’ve noticed myself playing a lot of episodes from podcasts in general touching on the topic of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health/ wellbeing. I like some of the topics/ points that are made in this podcast. While I do disagree with a lot of the conversations/ ideas, I find it refreshing and enjoyable listening to other opinions and beliefs. Learning about others is another passion of mine- I like being able to connect and understand what drives people.

"and breathe" wellness photo by max-van-den-oetelaar-buymYm3RQ3U-unsplash.jpg



Echo Prayer is helping me keep track of my prayer requests. I used to journal them or jot them down directly in my Bible next to a passage, but my oh my are my words flowing like crazy lately- I’m running out of notebooks and space on my Bible pages. One late(ish) night scrolling through the App Store I discovered this and truly enjoy the functionality of the app. I am able to systematize my prayers which helps me to stay organized and really lean into the goodness of God in a new way. Plus, I’m a sucker for organization so I’d call this a win-win.

Christian Women in Business is an app I found scrolling through the related faith section on the App Store. I had no idea this was a thing, but downloaded it intrigued for the content and purpose. I have to admit, I haven’t spent as much time familiarizing myself with this app as I would like, but so far I am a fan. I do enjoy the articles on here and the connecting points. It is proving helpful as a Christian woman in business.

Spotify AKA the love of my life.. seriously, if Spotify was a man, I’d marry him. Spotify just gets me- like truly understands my soul. From my Daily Drive playlist to the suggested songs, and the Daily Mix 1-6, I’ve noticed how Spotify has transitioned from my music hub to my digital spiritual home base. I have my favorite Christian podcast, albums, and playlists all queued up for my day and/ or drive ahead. I know I sound like a broken record since I’ve said some variation of this in multiple articles, but there is something soothing for me about having worship on demand, and a pastor in my pocket. No matter what time, day, or what’s going on (for the most part), I’m able to take my earbuds out or synch to my car and plug into Jesus. This is a luxury I do not take for granted and truly recognize the privilege of being able to access this app and the information on the platform in general when there are still places around the world where it is illegal and punishable by death to speak of the word of the Lord.


The Lysa Terkurst “Trustworthy” Study is what I’m currently working through right now in my Bible study, and I love it! I wrote a week one study review- click here to view it.

Blog/ Magazine:

And Sons “is a road map for those who want to understand the masculine soul. Adventure, beauty, God, and deep engagement with the world”. While developed and primarily geared towards men, I find it challenging, comforting, and self- recognizing, which is why this has quickly become one of my favorite resources.

Propel Women has a blog I find myself browsing a few times per week. I enjoy reading the words of other women around the world and gaining insight on their life, and learning their views of Christianity amidst our modern world/ issues.

While I do refer to other health/ spiritual/ overall wellness resources I do wish there was one that encompassed what “And Sons” has. I was speaking with the person who shared the resource with me and he summed it up perfectly “I wish there was an “And Daughters””. Here’s to hoping that happens someday!


Last year I was asked to join the Propel Women leadership team for the My Half Chapter. The past few months I saw how the Lord has used this leadership role to deepen my relationship with Him, and have me open my heart in a way I didn’t know I was closed off to previously. He has placed women in my life who are challenging me and relating with me regarding my faith in ways I have not seen or felt validation before, and together we are able to create a welcoming space- equipping and encouraging women to deepen their relationship with the Lord and become the best leader they can be by equipping, encouraging, and defining the leader according to God’s will. More of my heart is being accessed through listening and showing up to meet these other women in the season they are in.


And Sons also has a podcast! Yes, I know- amazing. I’ve listened to approximately a bazillion and one hours of the podcast, catching up on previous episodes- which I have 121 unlistened episodes left.. but who’s counting, right?! My favorites so far are the episodes on mentorship and marriage. The one I listened to today that really hit home and stuck with me throughout the day is the conversation surrounding “Mentoring and What You’re Actually Asking For” with Morgan Snyder.

Reality Church London is a podcast I’ll refer back to every few months. I enjoy the difference of the messages and references from the London based church plant to the Americanized church. While they are quite similar, I do find myself with a new line of reflection questions and takeaways.


The Propel Women Instagram is a page I love scrolling through. The encouragement is something I hope everyone sees during their social media binge.

My friend Lindsey Zarob’s blog is another resource I find myself referring back to. Her words are always thought proving, and challenge my heart. I admire her vulnerability and courage- two things I struggle with and actively pursue. Lindsey is a woman I lookup to because she doesn’t appear to be “perfect” and she sheds light on her personal, professional, and spiritual highs and lows. She somehow always manages to put into words the message my heart needs.

What resources do you refer to? let me know in the comments below!

Best free resources for health and wellness

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