Happy Easter, friends, if you’re celebrating today! It’s hard to believe this is our second April/Easter in a global pandemic. I’m greatly encouraged and thankful for the advances we’ve made these last twelve months. The number of vaccines are increasing each day and for the most part, people are still wearing masks/adhering to the CDC regulations (at least those in my circle are). This weekend I leaned into the theme of Jesus’s sacrifice for us and decided to tidy up my life and space. I looked through my calendar and bank account to cut out unnecessary things so I could better steward my resources. I also began refreshing my space with things I already had at home. Overall it was a lovely slow and conscious weekend spent enjoying my family, leaning into the Gospel, and practicing intentionality.

How I Spent Easter:

Easter was unlike previous years as we ditched the schedule and did something new. We added a nature walk in one of our favorite parks to the itinerary and enjoyed the seasonal menu from one of my favorite Coffee shops, Brewpoint. Oliver also had a puppuccino (whip cream in a cup)––his favorite! Mia also enjoyed the day outdoors. She will be 16 on April 13th and these last few years she’s slowed down a bit while walking. She also doesn’t like to go far so the puppy stroller is a big win for us to be able to go on walks together. She loves it, which I wasn’t sure if she would when I bought it last year. But, she sits and lays down. The stroller is ventilated so she can still soak in those rays of sunshine and breeze––two of her favorite things! This is the pet stroller I have.





Still watching Sen Cal Kapimi, the Turkish drama I talked about in last week’s Sunday Spotlights post. I have less than a dozen episodes until I’m caught up!


The Peppermint Tea Chronicles by Alexander McCall Smith.


My desk! I purchased this desk a few years ago and recently (as in this weekend) fell back in love with it. It feels like a whole new work station filled with inspiration. I’ll write a post later this month on my desk setup and how my work station keeps me on track/productive.

Feeling refreshed:

As I was reading the Easter story I felt a wave of purpose wash over me. I leaned in and explored this feeling through reading scripture and journaling. I think it’s symbolic that Jesus’ death broke the chains death had on us and that through His sacrifice we are truly alive. Spring always sparks a similar sense as we’re emerging from the caves of winter. As the trees and flowers bloom, birds chirp, and the sun shines bright for extra hours each day, I take comfort in knowing that the death of the plants and the cold was temporary and essential to see and bask in the wonders of spring. Like Jesus, seasons of death are needed. And so, I entered a period of metaphorical death this weekend, killing things that were preventing new blooms in my life. I did an audit of my calendar and finances to practice stewarding my resources. I encourage you to do the same! I feel so light and free after doing so. It was a good spring clean and reset.

Calendar Audit:

  • Where do you have wasted time?

  • Block out intentional time for yourself, loved ones, and time with the Lord

Financial Audit:

  • Go through all subscriptions. Delete things you haven’t used in the last 7-30 days

  • Narrow streaming series to one or two. Not sure which to choose? Pause them all and renew the one that you keep clicking. When your billing cycle ends, then you know that the platform you are renewing is one you are actually using

  • “If God were to look through your bank statements, would He be proud of how you spend your money?” This was a powerful question that I came across online a few years ago and it’s the center of how I make purchases. Most of my purchases are community related––faith groups/community virtual groups, etc.


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