Plastic Free July is a month-long challenge encouraging people to use and eliminate as much plastic from their lives as possible. Here are 4 tips for plastic free July.

4 Tips To Help You Get Through Plastic Free July:

Last year was my first time participating, which was a struggle. I traveled overseas for the summer and didn’t have access to non-plastic items at coffee shops or other places when I was out and about. Plus, I learned a few things that I’m sharing in the reel below and this blog post. 

1. Don’t Underestimate Needing Utensils

Pack utensils with you. I didn’t think I’d need them last year, but I was surprised how often I did. If you don’t want to purchase reusable or travel ones, take a reusable napkin or cloth and roll silverware in it. If you’d like your own set of ravel utensils, click the images below to shop.

Below are lunch and kitchen kits that include other reusable items and utensils.

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2. Save The Starbucks To-Go Cup

If I forget to make coffee at home one day and stop for Starbucks, save the cup and wash it out at home. Reuse this or keep it in a desk drawer as your work “water bottle”.

3. Invest In A Reusable Water Bottles

Try to always leave the house with a reusable water bottle.

EarthHero Selection

Amazon Selection

4. Prioritize Progress Over Perfection

It’s okay if your plastic-free July isn’t perfect. Make the goal to use less single-waste plastic which are plastic items that are created to only be used once then thrown out. If you get to the end of the month and have found creative ways to reuse plastic and other items, that is wonderful and counts as doing something to positively impact the planet. You don’t have to be perfect to participate in the environmental movement and save the Earth.

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