It’s that time of the year again—when I recap the last twelve months, reflect on what was, and look ahead. Here are my New Year’s goals for 2023.

My New Year’s Resolutions — Goals For 2023:

I decided that my New Year’s Resolutions or goals for 2023 weren’t going to be career-related but an extension of who I am and who I want to be. Below are the ideas that make me excited to work on them and deepen the relationship I have with myself.

1. Read 60 Books Throughout The Year

I met my 2022 reading goal to read 52 books. I’m increasing the amount because the continued education program I’m working towards has a heavy reading load. I know that I will not do well if I maintain the pace and amount of reading I have now. So, between now and when my goal is to apply, I’m realistically adding more books. I thought this would be a nice way to ease into the required reading amount by beginning with books that I find engaging, fun, and excite me. Of course, the materials in class would be fun, but some classes may be less exciting for me and may feel like a chore. Regardless, I want to know that I can keep up with the pace and demand of the program.

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2. Spend More Time At My Local Library

Recently, I learned my local library offers many free programs, services, and equipment. This discovery inspired me to set a goal to become more involved with the community and to use the resources the library has available. Currently, I use the Libby app, which is a free audiobook and e-book platform for library card holders. This is one of my favorite things and my most used app (besides my notes). I’m excited to see what else I’ll come to love and regularly use from the library, this time next year.

3. Develop A More Comforting & Supportive Sunday Routine

As much as I hate to admit it—more to myself than you—I don’t have a Sunday routine. I’ve tried a few things (halfheartedly). This year, I want to have a more structured way to end the weekend and ease into a new week. Tips are welcome. Please share what works for you in the comments.

4. Complete The YA Fantasy Novel I Started

I’ve outlined a young adult (YA) fantasy book and have about half of it drafted. By the end of 2023, I’d like to have the entire book’s first draft complete.

5. Start A Book Club

Growing up I was in an afterschool club called Junior Great Books. I loved our monthly meetings and talking about a story with others. I felt connected and enjoyed discovering how the other attendees could form a different opinion on the same thing we read. Talking about books and finding a common interest with people is exhilarating. This year, I want to start a local book club and connect with people who want to read more.

6. Plan More Regular Get Togethers With Friends

Along the lines of connecting with people, I want to make it a point to make plans with my friends and get together more often. Of course, everyone has varied schedules, but I want to take a more proactive role and plan outings—even if it’s for a walk.

7. Mend The Clothes I Set Aside To Be Fixed

I have a reusable bag full of clothing items that I swear I’ll fix but haven’t made time for. This year, I want to learn the skills to make some mends and then bring the more difficult pieces to an expert so I can wear them again.

8. Find Somewhere To Volunteer Regularly

Pre-pandemic I volunteered regularly. I miss that. This year I want to get back into that routine and have time in my calendar where I’m connecting with others and my local communities to make a difference.

9. Be More Active In My Town’s Environmental Taskforce

This year I joined an environmental task force and I wasn’t as engaged as I’d liked to be. In 2023, I’d like to change that.

10. Do Things I’m Not Perfect At

Yeah, this one is going to take the most practice. But, I’m okay with that. I realized this year that I don’t often do things unless I know I’m perfect (or close ) at it. In 2023 I want to practice starting things and doing them even if I’m not good at them. Practice makes improvement and that should be my outcome instead of perfection. I don’t want to limit myself and my life by excluding fun things or areas where. I can grow because I’m scared of not being “good”.

11. Write My Pen Pal Every Quarter

My friend who lives in Australia sent me a letter. She’s my first pen pal and I want to make an effort to write to her this year at least once a quarter That’s only four times in 2023. I can make that a priority and sacrifice screen time or mindless scrolling to deepen a friendship.

12. Update My Website

I have ideas that I’ve jotted down about how I want to refresh my website. This year I want to implement those changes and tweak my website a bit.

13. Signup For A Fun Class

I’ve been saying it for years—I want to enroll in a fun class and develop screen-free hobbies. But, I haven’t. Partially due to the pandemic. Now that we have options for navigating the world safely again, I want to challenge myself to do something fun and take a class that isn’t connected to work, school, or developing skills for my career path.

Well, those are my New Year’s goals for 2023. I’d love to hear your goals and if we have any of the same. Leave a comment on this post, below.


  1. These all sound like reachable and fun goals Macaila! A few piqued my interest and I am up for the challenge.

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