Reading is one of my favorite ways to care for my mental health. But, the cost can add up. Luckily there’s a way to read free books. In 2022, I read the most books that I have in years. I shared more about the reasons why and the books I read in this blog post. The main reason I was able to meet my reading goal was because of the star of this blog post — an app called “Libby“.

Libby Is A Free Book App

While supporting local bookstores is amazing, this isn’t financially attainable for everyone. Especially people who are fast readers and who enjoy reading a high amount of books each year. Thankfully there’s a solution for everyone’s budget and reading pace. Free books and magazines are available using an app called Libby.

What Is Libby?

Libby is a free app that allows users to read books and magazines for free. The catch? You need a library card, which is also free. Unlike Amazon or other bookstores, the books aren’t the user’s to keep. Since the app is connected to the library system, this counts as borrowing books digitally instead of a physical copy.

What Kind Of Free Books Are There?

Libby has a great variety of books. While this depend’s on your local library’s catalog, the app overall has multiple book formats, genres, and languages.

Book Formats

There are a few formats available: Kindle/e-reader, audiobooks, and magazines.


Nearly any genre you can think of is supported by the app. Depending on your local library, not all may be available. Often, they are though.


37 Languages are currently available on the app. This ranges from English to Urdu and again will depend on the library’s selection of books.

How To Access & Use Libby

Follow the steps below to access the Libby app for free books and magazines.

1. Signup for a library card

Visit your local library and ask the librarians for help signing up for your (always) free library card.

2. Download Libby from the app store

Download the app from the app store. Libby is supported by both apple and android as well as Kindle.

3. Signup for a Libby account using your library card

Once you have a library card and have downloaded the app, create a free account and enter your library information. You will choose your local library then enter your library card number and create a password.

4. Browse the free books available and start reading

Once steps 1-3 are complete, you can browse the app, borrow books, and enjoy your next read. Books are available across devices and synch between those. So, if you’re reading on your kindle or iPad, it will synch to your phone (only if you’re logged into the same Libby account).

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How Many Free Books Can Someone Read?

Libby allows its users to check out 25 books or magazines at a time. As long as no more than 25 books are checked out at a time, it doesn’t matter what genre, language, or format it’s in. Libby also allows users to place 15 books on hold and provides general tracking info to see when a book or magazine will be available for the user to borrow.

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