To-do lists make me feel organized. But, I want to have a work-life balance. Here are things I will do in April to bring more joy into my day. I’ve created a to-do list of fun and non-work-related tasks to do that will stretch me creatively and personally.

  • Light the candle I was gifted for Christmas
  • Use my facemask
  • Try a 15-minute meditation
  • Send the project proposals I’ve been working on
  • Check-in on a neighbor
  • Spend my day off work crafting and relaxing
  • Wake up and have a dance party to my favorite playlist
  • When I find that I’m being tough on myself, have more grace
  • Make a pile of the clothes I need to be mended
  • Visit a new local coffee shop
  • Find and read a spring poem
  • Write a book review
  • Re-watch the Hallmark Channel’s Wedding Veil trilogy
  • Find one recipe I want to make
  • Plan a FaceTime with my overseas friends
  • Create a realistic reading list for this month and tackle those books
  • Go to the local teashop near me and purchase a blend

Why I’m Creating This List

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been continuing my —first with my University of Cambridge studies—and now with additional journalism accreditations. Most of my days are filled with work and studying, which leaves little room for creativity and spontaneity. Aside from the importance of creating balance outside of work/studying, I thrive when I’m constantly learning outside of the classroom and make screen-free time.

Besides following my pre-spring seasonal mental health reset, I wanted to create a to-do list that I can tick off that brings me joy instead of adding to the pressure I feel to achieve and do well. Having items that I can cross off of things I will do in April to bring more joy into my day will also help me ensure that I have a routine and remember to make space in my life for the things outside of work, school, or other responsibilities.

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