Working towards the goal I’ve set for more work-life balance, I decided to have an impromptu afternoon ice cream break. Not exactly a revolutionary idea, I know. But, I feel like we (or at least I can…oops)can get so wrapped up in the fast-paced hustle-culture that we forget or even ignore our desire to hit pause and take a break. Hence why I took an impromptu afternoon ice cream break. I sat on the deck and enjoyed a scoop (actually, three) of the cookie dough flavor I found at the back of the freezer from when my mom picked it up and decided today was perfect for romanticizing my life and enjoying the warm and sunny Chicago day.

Please note: this isn’t an ad for So Delicious. It was the ice cream my mom bought me that was already in the freezer and I wanted to style it to make this photoshoot more vibe-y. However, I did include affiliate links to shop this product. Any purchase made through the link will give me a small commission at no cost to you.

Setting Up Your Ice Cream Break

First thing’s first, grabbed the ice cream from the back of the freezer and went screen-free for an hour. While I roamed around the kitchen gathering my other supplies and setting up outside, I let the ice cream thaw on the counter. I know some people like to stick it in the microwave for 10-30 seconds to melt a bit—it can be easier to scoop out—but mine never tastes as delicious after, so I opt for good old fashion thawing.

Ice cream cartons are stacked like a pyramid on top of a wooden board that was placed on a table with a flower and polkadot patterned table cloth. The table and ice cream setup is outside on a deck.
So Delicious Dairy Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream with Coconut Milk

Picking A Spot

Immediately I knew where I wanted to set up my ice cream break. I hadn’t enjoyed the deck since it was re-done, so this was the perfect way to christen the space. I gathered a scarf to use as a table cloth, a wooden board so nothing would drip on the fabric and washed the cute summer ice cream bowls that were collecting dust on a shelf in the basement. Those were other things I had been meaning to use but didn’t make time for.

Choosing The Toppings

I was out of chocolate sauce and sprinkles, but I needed to use up the fruit from my last grocery store trip. I rummaged through teh drawer and washed those off. Next, I decided to put the fruit in a cute bowl to elevate my table settings.

Honoring An Intention

While preparing for my ice cream break, I decided that during this time I would be intentional about enjoying the moment—being present and aware of nature and other things that may be around me but not let that be technology. It was wonderful to sit outside and challenge myself not to think about a to-do list or scroll through something on my phone. I was able to enjoy this moment more because I wasn’t wasting it by thinking about what’s next.

A Curious Visitor

About halfway through my ice cream break, Oliver wandered outside and started sniffing around…literally. He loves fruit and tried to pull the table cloth down. His whimpering made me pause and I went inside to cut up a few treats and put those on a dish for him, so he could feel included too.

I used one of the extra ice cream holders and filled it with water for Oliver to drink out of. He loved it and ended up clanking it for a refill.

Overall, it was great to take a pause. When I was traveling I balanced my laptop working life with sightseeing and I enjoyed the rhythm I found from intensely following my day breaks for rest and activities. While being home, I’ve noticed how easily I found myself slipping back into my routine of working straight through without giving myself a chance to breathe.

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