I shared in this Instagram post that my blog has been a place where I can talk about sustainability and learn––or rather, un-learn how I’m living––don’t worry this isn’t a goodbye post. But, this past year I’ve been itching to do more––to grow my understanding of sustainability and how it is integrated within businesses. I decided to enroll in the University of Cambridge’s “Business Sustainability Management Certification” to challenge myself and deepen my understanding of how the world operates and the current climate/environmental crisis. 

I have decided to write and record this short IGTV and post it as the first within a new short video series I’ve created to document my journey and share a small piece of what we’re learning in class. These videos will include a small piece of the ideas/talking points we go over in the certification which I will couple with my own thoughts and continued research. I hope that this intro video and the others within the series encourage you to begin or continue on your own sustainable journey. As always, the comments are open for you to share thoughts, ask questions, or provide any resources/research. 

My goals for this certification are to be able to clearly communicate the pros and cons of why a business should prioritize sustainability, have the ability to create or amend a business plan to include these sustainable measures, and come up with additional ways to communicate sustainability on the blog and other freelance writing pieces.

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