Tonight I write this post later than I had intended but grateful for the opportunity to still be able to share my words and Sunday Spotlights 9. I can’t believe we’re nine weeks into this series already—where does the time go? This weekend was rather productive. I went to the store and spent the weekend creating an organization plan to wrap up the last bit of my spring cleaning. I also picked up a mirror for my room, which I’m excited about. It’s a large mirror and brightens up space. Tonight I spent my evening at the gym (masked up and socially distant…although there were three other people there) to get a 3D body scan. Since I’m an online athlete—meaning my coach, Mike, assigns me virtual workouts to complete at home—I don’t have access to the technology that other gym members receive. And so, I asked Mike if I could stop in during one of the slower times to try it out. Essentially, I stand on a sensor and this machine reads my body. It scans and tracks my Body Shape Rating (BSR), which “is a wellness score based on the relationship of your body shape to cardiovascular-related risk factors” and scans for other things like my body fat, body shape, fitness level, balance, measurements, and more. It’s an in-depth way of knowing my body and how I’m keeping it healthy as I work out.

The results of my scan had me thinking about the parallels and symbolism of scans. If I had a 3D scanner for my life, what would the report show? Would it say I was healthy and compare the average to other 22-year-olds? What would the Christianity breakdown look like? Would I score well according to God’s plan for me? How about my mental health-would that be on track for sustainable growth? I spent the evening prayerfully meditating on this and taking a step back to appreciate a few recent decisions I had made. I also recognized and felt the weight (pun intended) of how important our decisions are. Even those minuscule decisions about how many cookies I would eat or how I spend my time went in some report—whether it was this 3D one or the one God reads. All of my decisions have consequences and an impact. This week I plan on keeping this theme present and thinking more about it. Tomorrow on my walk I want to pull certain examples and analyze the “report.”

I feel grateful and blessed that God has given us the knowledge to identify patterns in our lives—and, I’m thankful He equips us with the resources to find tools and connect with people who inspire reflection, growth, and lead us on a journey of His Kingdom work. As I scanned my life and figuratively read the first page of that report, it is undoubtedly clear how marvelous God is and present throughout my days. What a testimony and thing to rejoice in this week—especially as my calendar has seemed to fill up and my to-do list has sprouted a to-do list. The thoughts of scanning my life will be present in my upcoming days and act as an encouragement to prioritize the Gospel, the plans God has revealed to me, and the things that reflect who He is. And, when I’m doing those mundane tasks or encounter a decision that needs to be made, I can look at it with fresh eyes and consult the report I have conducted to make the best decisions.

A Recap Of LasT Week:

As I’m typing this, last week seems so far away. I spend most of last week planning blog content and organizing my content calendar for the upcoming summer and fall campaigns I have. I also dedicated time to researching and organizing a report I was hired to write. I’m not able to share those details at this time, but I’m excited by the team I have joined and the goal we are working towards, together. You’ll hear more about this in September!




Chicago P.D’s current season!


Still reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.


My BOSE Bluetooth speaker is easily one of my most reached for items. I like having soft music on in the background while I work. I place the speaker across the room and connect either my phone or laptop to it and play my favorite playlist. This helps me feel like I’m in my usual pre-pandemic bustling coffee shop environment and gives me other sounds throughout my day to listen to…instead of my fingers typing. I also love putting my speaker on and unwinding at night. I light a few candles and listen to music while I read or tidy up my space.


Last week I shared on my Instagram the lululemon swimwear I had purchased. If you missed it, click here to view the bathing suits I picked up for the upcoming warmer months. I also purchased a few new bras from lululemon. I love their Enlite bra (read my lululemon Enlite bra review here) and wanted to get another pattern.


As we enter a new week AND a new month, I encourage you to stop and reflect. You can write this down on a piece of paper, use these as discussion points with friends/family/loved ones or think on these independently or with your therapist. I’m trying to get better at carving out intentional space each week and month to pause and think about what worked, what didn’t, and set intentions for the days ahead.


  1. What habits have I formed that build the life I want to live?

  2. How will I advocate for myself this week?

  3. In which ways can I learn about others?


Do something this week that your future self will thank you for.


Go out of your way to connect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.


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