See A Drive In Movie

There are a few places in and around the city where you can go to watch a drive in movie. Most places are either already open for the season or opening within the next few weeks. Research places to see which suit your needs. Some sell snacks on sight and allow dogs to come whereas others do not. So, be sure to look at the rules when deciding which venue you will go to.

Outdoor Mural Crawl

Jen has a map with the location to a dozen or so murals spread across the city. Click here to view her blog post and map out which murals you want to visit.

Pack A Picnic

If you have an outdoor space you can create a home picnic––or take it to another spot in the neighborhood/city. My favorites are the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool (next to the Lincoln Park Zoo), and the park by North Avenue Beach.

Photo: Mariya Leona; Editing: Macaila Britton

Photo: Mariya Leona; Editing: Macaila Britton

Discover A New Walking Trail

Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are home to many beautiful walking paths/trails. In the suburbs, The Morton Arboretum, has multiple walking and interactive outdoor experiences for adults and children. In the city, the 606 and the lakefront trails are staples. They’re a great way to see popular areas of the city while being open to wherever your feet take you on the paths.


Join An Outdoor Fitness Class

Chicago has outdoor fitness classes popping up left and right. Call your favorite studio or research the type of classes you like taking. Outdoor exercising is a great way to ensure there is more space between you and the others in class. Plus, the sun is shining and the weather is warming up in Illinois. Please still remember to mask up and keep a six-foot difference––even if you’ve been vaccinated. It’s still important to abide by class rules, CDC regulations, and do your part to beat the virus.

Bike Through A New Neighborhood

Chicago has many wonderful neighborhoods full of history, art, music, and soul. Do some research and choose one to explore over the course of a day, weekend, or extended time. I love finding a wall mural that I like and researching what else there is to do in that area. I look for coffee shops, walking trails, outdoor activities, etc. and plan accordingly. Perhaps you could try that too!

What do you want to do this spring?

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