12 Ways You Can Stop Human Trafficking

1. Join a community group or organization about this topic.

2. Start your own group if there aren’t any in your area or if you want to further your reach.

3. Lobbying. By lobbying local policymakers, you can raise awareness on this issue and put pressure on key community leaders to envoke change. 

4. Host a fundraiser to raise money for your outreach, while creating awareness for human trafficking. 

5. Start a project. Research more about human trafficking and present what you learned to teachers, friends, family, etc. 

6. Intern or work at an organization combatting human trafficking. 

7. Try eliminating products or facilities enabling the normalization of human trafficking.

8. Ask local businesses, schools and religious organizations to partner with you on raising awareness for human trafficking. Those places do not need to feel pressure to donate money. They can simply display flyers, posters, etc. with the information on this issue. 

9. Reach out to local newspapers, media outlets and journalists asking if they would like to learn more and cover human trafficking. This is a great way to inform new people who may not be in your direct network/ reach. 

10. Start a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc. and educate people around the globe about this issue.  

11. Start publicly speaking on this matter. Students can ask teachers if they can educate the class on this topic before or during class. Also reach out to local news stations asking to be the public speaker in their story or segment. 

12. Be creative. Don’t limit yourself. If you have an idea, go for it! It’s okay if the idea is different or unique. 

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