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I hope you enjoyed the eclipse. It definitely spiced up my Monday afternoon! Today, I am brining you the second post in the “Shop to Stop” series. In this post are three companies that are on a mission to eradicate world hunger. I found all of these brands and love that they are making it a point to give back and help end a major world issue. As many of you know, world hunger is an issue that weighs heavy on my heart. When I was a junior in high school, I started volunteering with an organization called “Food Fight“. Food Fight is a student led organization that aids in the eradication of world hunger, by fundraising and having an in school packing day. Students sacrifice their lunch time to pack meals that will be sent to those in need. Being a part of this organization opened my eyes to the suffering that many are enduring. It makes me incredibly sad knowing there are people in our world lacking the basics we can so easily overlook. I believe that everyone should have peace of mind knowing that they have food to eat. I can’t imagine how horrific and anxiety filled it is questioning if I’ll every eat again. Becoming aware of the statistics and researching this topic has made me incredibly grateful. I am cautious about saying phrases like “I’m starving” and “there’s nothing to eat”, because this simply is not true. There are 795 million people (world hunger statistics) who are actually starving and have nothing to eat. When I learned about how many people were actually suffering, I felt like an overly privileged, oblivious, stereotypical and exaggerating teenager having one of those in between snack mood swings. In addition to Food Fight’s fundraising events and packing days, I wanted something to help me feel like I am truly making a difference every day of the year. With these brands, I am able to do so, and you can too!


Save The World: Stop the Hunger Watch


Save the World is a brand founded in 2006, to alleviate suffering and a variety of our global issues. “Help will never go out of fashion” and [we] are confident that will succeed [with the] helping hand of our customers. There is a product for every person and a cause for each product when acquired have the assurance that you have received a quality product with which you feel identified supporting the cause of your choice. Our mission is to help, as doing so you benefit not only others, but you rely on yourself to make a valuable contribution to make our world a better place.”

Half United


“For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, you provide 7 meals for a child in need. Together with our giving partners, your purchases fund feeding programs in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia, and Haiti. To date, we have provided over 650,000 meals, and we project that through your support, we will be able to give 1 million meals by year’s end.”

A few of my favorites:



Love to garden or know someone who does? The Mauro Seed Company is on “a social mission to empower every person on the planet to feed themselves.” The company does this “by selling the finest non-GMO heirloom garden seed.” With each pack of seed purchased, Mauro will “donate one to someone in need. Grow one, give-one. [They]  proudly put purpose before profit.”

Here’s what I want to plant:

This Week’s challenge:

The next time you’re feeling that itch to shop, refrain from going to Target or wandering around the mall. Instead, hop on over to one of these websites and shop with a purpose. I guarantee that overtime you wear, use or look at the item you purchased, you will feel satisfied, happy and proud of yourself for impacting someone else and bettering their life. This is your chance to become a superhero and save someone’s life. 


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  1. This is really great, giving back is one way of living with purpose. Having a chance to make a difference to someone’s life should be everybody goal. I will visit one of these websites to be part of the change. 🙂

  2. This is really great, giving back is one way of living with purpose. Having a chance to make a difference to someone’s life should be everybody goal. I will visit one of these websites to be part of the change. 🙂

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