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This week concludes the “Shop to Stop”series. I have received an overwhelming amount of positive responses from you all, saying how this series has helped you shop smarter and make a difference. There are many ways we can make an impact. Who knew shopping would be one of them?! 

1. Stop The Water While Using Me!

Kaya-Line Knust created the all natural cosmetic line, with the main concern for conserving earthly resources. She believes “even minor changes to our everyday habits can have a major impact.” About two years ago the company launched, “in global support of intelligent projects for conserving water and supplying drinking water.” They have helped “install fog collectors in Tanzania since 2014, support an innovative water project for school children in Kenya and are constantly on the look-out for new projects around the world.”

2. Newman’s Own

“Newman’s Own Foundation is an independent, private foundation formed in 2005 by Paul Newman to sustain
the legacy of his philanthropic work. Funded entirely through the profits and royalties of Newman’s Own
products, the Foundation does not maintain an endowment, raise funds, or accept donations. The Foundation believes that each of us, through the power of philanthropy, has the potential to make a difference. Since 1982, when Paul Newman first declared, “Let’s give it all away,” more than $495 million has been donated to thousands of nonprofit organizations helping people in need around the world.” They have helped raise awareness to environmental issues by educating communities on nutrition, providing fresh food access and planting gardens which teaches sustainability. 

To learn more about Newman’s Own Foundation, click here

Side note: these products are pretty darn amazing and the salad dressing is my all time favorite. I had absolutely no idea they were this involved with giving back.

3. Marley 

“The purchase of a House of Marley product helps plant one tree. To date Marley has planted over 25,000 trees. Marley products are sustainably crafted from earth-friendly materials including our exclusive REWIND™ fabric, cotton and canvas textiles, recycled plastics, recyclable metals, bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods. Making purposeful decisions allows us to have deeper, more meaningful experiences that ultimately result in amazingly positive change.

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4. Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand has donated “437,000 bars of soap and built or repaired 4 wells that provide thousands of people with clean water.” When founders Courtney and Bill learned that “5 million children die each year from water related illnesses”, they decided to make a dent in this number and change this statistic. “After some research” they said, “we learned that 45% of these deaths could be prevented with simple hand washing alone. We decided to create a household product that could also save lives and Hand in Hand Soap was born!” 

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The next time you’re feeling that itch to shop, refrain from going to Target or wandering around the mall. Instead, hop on over to one of these websites and shop with a purpose. I guarantee that overtime when you wear, use or look at the item you purchased, you will feel satisfied, happy and proud of yourself for impacting someone else and bettering their life. This is your chance to become a superhero. Save someone’s life and make an impact on our world.


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