My mom and I went for Sunday brunch at our favorite gluten free restaurant in Chicago called Wheat’s End. While we were there we decided to explore the shops along the side of the building, when we found the most adorable shop. I seem to be at a loss for the name of the shop, I will link it if I remember. We noticed this section in the corner of the shop called a “DIY Terrarium Bar”. Kinda confused, I trudged over there to figure out why plastic dinosaurs were in mini glass containers hanging from a shelf. There is an entire section dedicated to creating my own glass container which will act as home to a plant, dinos and a few accessories. 

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At first I thought the plant was fake but oh no, I was wrong. It is very much alive. Before placing the plant into the glass container I was advised to submerge it in water for a few seconds. The good news is I don’t have to water it daily the shop owner said and when I do, all it needs is a spritz of water to maintain the plant. Phew- pretty minimum! 

Terrarium Ideas



Terrarium supplies

Types of Crystals

There was a slew of options. I choose three dinos, a handful of carefully selected crystals from a never ending bowl of options, a rose quartz and moss. 

When I returned home I got to work. Positioning the rose quartz around the plant was the most difficult since the opening of the glass container could barely fit my hand.


No worries though, I managed to arrange it to my liking and snap a few photos during the process. Following the rose quarts I added moss followed by the crystals and topping it with the dinosaurs. If I’m honest I feel like the dinos really bring out the vibe I was going for and pull the design together. If your terrarium is lacking these amazing plastic replica, I highly recommend getting in your car and driving to the store to purchase them. 


Girly Dinosaur Terrarium

DIY Terrarium

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