This week’s challenge was inspired by the middle/ high school message at my church. As many of you know, I am a 7th grade youth group leader. This week’s message was about reminding ourselves not to measure our value based on other’s negativity. As I was looking through the leader guide and engaging in our small group discussion, I started thinking of
“real life” situations throughout the years, about friends and co-workers.

One of the questions on the guide asked why is it easier for us to remember negative comments versus the nicer ones? My girls came up with a range of answers. We started building off of each other and talked about personal examples, how they see it in school and how it makes them feel. The girls said for them, it is easier to remember people being mean because they can be insecure with various things in their lives. I want to hear from you. Why do you think it is easier to remember the negativity?

We talked about how easy it is to become negative. Negativity comes in all shapes and forms. Negativity is not limited to bullying or verbal abuse. Negativity is complaining, eye rolling and other unfriendly or unwelcoming body language and the hurtful things we say. It is incredibly easy to complain throughout the day and see the bad things, versus the good. Believe me, I’ve had those days where I felt like everything under the sun was going wrong. From a bird pooping on my head, to tripping and falling in the middle of class and ripping my pants (thankfully it was  from the knees down). 

When we are anxious or nervous about meeting someone or try to break the ice I’ve noticed some of the first things that come out of peoples mouths are “this weather is terrible”, “I’m so tired”, “is this day over yet?” “I’m so done” “legit over this” and more. Think of something great to talk about. My girls said that they feel insecure if they talk about their day to people other than their best friends or family members because they feel like it’s bragging. Well let me tell you, it is not bragging. It is perfectly okay to feel proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. If all you talk about is yourself and you begin to monopolize the conversation, than that is unhealthy. When someone asks about your day, go ahead and tell them about the blessings in your life. After all, what you project is what you will relieve. Send out love, happiness and positivity. 

This Week’s Challenge:

I challenge you to be aware of the negativity. Count how many times you say and think something negative. If people around are negative, let it go. Do not dwell on their negativity and insecurities. Remind yourself that you are not the opinion of others not do you need to reflect what others do or say. You are your own person.

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