Sustainable living is the practice of meeting our needs without compromising the environment and future generation’s ability to meet their own needs or compromise the Earth’s natural resources. I wrote a blog post on what sustainable living is and how to begin a sustainable lifestyle––click here to read that post. Part of sustainable living is finding ways to make a positive impact on the earth and ways to be able to maintain those lifestyle choices/activities. I’ve listed three ways everyone can practice sustainable living. 

1. Reduce Individual Waste

The Toronto Environmental Alliance said it best, “zero waste conserves resources and minimizes pollution.” For example, it was reported that recycling plastic will save double the energy it would use to burn it. And, if the USA alone can increase their reusing and recycling rate from 34.5% to 75%, it will be equivalent to saving the energy of 50 million passenger cars. Click here to read more facts and statistics on the importance of reducing individual waste.

How people can be more sustainable

2. Air Dry Clothes

Green America reported that individuals who ditch the dryer to air-dry clothing/items reduce their household’s carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds each year. Wowza! Plus, you can save money on electricity and any additional costs––such as machine repairs, dryer balls, etc.

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3. Go Meatless Once A Week/ A few Days Per Moth

Going meatless one day each week will help to cut the environmental consequences associated with meat production. A study showed that if people did this once a week, it would be the same as reducing 91 billion miles people drive or having 7.6 million cars off the road, reducing emissions. 

Have you tried any of these ways to practice sustainable living? If so, tell me in the comments. And, if not, which are you going to try first?

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