Happy Holidays! Today’s post in the sustainable holiday series brings you a sustainable gift guide for the green beauty lover. All of the products and brands featured within this gift guide and the others within the series are produced with environmental and ethical priority. By shopping this gift guide and any of the others within the series, you are making a conscious decision to spend your hard-earned money to help smaller, local, and ethical environmental businesses thrive and make a difference.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who exclusively uses green beauty products or you want to share your passion for green beauty, then I hope my sustainable gift guide for the green beauty lover—which features items from products, at-home facial accessories, wellness subscriptions, and more— gives you inspiration and helps match a gift to the person you’re shopping for.

What Is A Sustainable Gift?

A sustainable gift considers several things: people, the planet, and nature. The brands included within this post and the other sustainable gift guides prioritize running the business and producing items that keep the environment at the heart of what it does. For more detail on what makes a brand sustainable, read this post. Specifically, a sustainable gift considers:

1. What Materials Are Used

The items selected feature items that are made from environmentally friendly materials such as alternatives to plastic or in some cases have a clear plan for continuing to phase out and replace materials they are currently using.

2. Brand Commitment & Transparency

The most important is being able to locate information on the brand’s commitment and the specific product’s impact. I’ve analyzed the brands and included those that have clear eco policies and public commitments to the environment that are backed up with strategies and data. It’s also important that the brand’s commitment to ethics is shown and information on who makes the products, where, and how, is available. Above all, I look for annual reports breaking down the company’s carbon footprint, supply chain, and overall impact.

3. Longevity

Making sure the items last longer is another important part of determining if a gift is sustainable. The items shown are meant to be used and loved more than once and in some cases, more than the version of the item that is not sustainably produced.

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Sustainable Gift Guide: For The Green Beauty Lover

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Click the images to shop the items in this gift guide.

1. Reusable Face & Eye Mask, $38

This face and eye mask set gives all the benefits of a fitted sheet mask without all the waste. Simply use your favorite mask, serums, oils, and other oil-based products and pop the washable masks on top, to help the skin soak in the nutrients and goodness from the products.

2. Skin Care Sets, $33-75

One of the world’s first plastic-negative beauty brands and the U.K.’s first is vegan and cruelty-free with many organic face, hair, and body products. In particular, the reusable masks mentioned above should only be used with oil-based products. Pair one of the serums or masks with that ingredient base to put under the reusable masks, for extra benefits. The pair will work together to really soak into the skin. Aside from that, Evolve Beauty also has many product bundles and holiday gift sets. Click here to read their sustainability initiatives. The brand also has lower-priced items for those who are participating in White Elephant exchanges or have different budgets in mind.

3. Beauty Tools, $12-72

Beauty tools are all the rage in the skincare world—and especially on SkinTok. The items below put a sustainable twist on the well-known tools. Click the images below to shop.

Reusable Cotton Rounds, $18-24

Reusable cotton rounds are a lifesaver. I have two different sets — one for removing nail polish and the other for everyday beauty needs. These versatile washable tools are great because they last a long time and take up very little space. Plus, they’re better for the environment instead of a bunch of single-use cotton balls/rounds.

4. Scalp Massager – $59

This scalp massager pairs excellently with any scalp treatment/oil. The large bristles won’t be easily tangled in hair. Instead, it will help to stimulate the hair follicles and work in the scalp treatment.

5. Plastic-Free Hair Ties, $11.25 – on sale / originally $15

Koosh is a plastic-free hair accessory company that makes organic hair ties, scrunchies, and more.

6. Plastic Free Scrunchies, $15 – on sale / originally $20

7. Hair Oil, $22-50

Hair oil has been the topic of beauty lately. Many influencers and professionals are sharing the benefits of using them to help stimulate hair growth and nourish teh scalp. Below are a few of the green beauty industry’s top brands and highest rated hair oils.

8. Lash & Brow Serum, $54-72

Plume Science is an eco-conscious beauty brand producing eyebrow and eyelash growth products that are plant-based. These contain zero synthetic ingredients. 

9. Kjaer Weis Re-Fillable Makeup Set, $46-65

Kjaer Weis is an organic skincare brand that was designed to offer refillable products instead of having to purchase more packaging. This season the brand has two makeup sets with some of its best-selling products. This would make a great gift—especially if the person you’re shopping for hasn’t shared their shades and if you know they haven’t tried the brand. Plus, this is a bit more personable than a gift card.

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10. Vegan Shampoo Bars, $8.00

The vegan shampoo bars from Shop Empathic (a woman-owned brand), have the perfect low-waste shampoo solution:plastic-free product packaging. National Geographic reported that shampoo bars last longer than bottled products. Each of these shampoo bars is equivalent to a 16oz bottle.

11. Nail Polish & Sets, $18-86

Not all nail polishes are created equally or fairly. Most brands have toxic ingredients, test on animals, or use animal-derived ingredients. However, these featured polish brands are two alternatives. Shop these polishes from J. Hannah that are non-toxic, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made in the USA. There’s the option to create your own polish set of 3 — shop here.

Gifting Tip: If you purchase the mini set, you could distribute the 5 polishes amongst those on your list and use as stocking stuffers.

Similar to the brand above, Sunday’s lets you curate a polish set of 3 or 5. Browse all of the colors and build your polish box, here.

12. Nail Care, $28-88

On top of polish, Sunday’s has nail care items and kits to help protect and strengthen the nails. From the basics — top coat— to a lavish at-home spa kit, shop all the nail care needed.

Alternatively, Bare Hands is another cruelty-free brand priced lower than the cost of a nail appointment, has care products that are chic enough to slip into a purse and carry around for any nail emergencies or on-the-go needs.

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Read The Sustainable Gift Guide: For The Wellness Enthusiast

13. Recyclable Deodorant Starter Kit, $20-40

Noniko is a sustainable plastic-free deodorant company that offers refillables. The push-up packaging allows for easy use. The company gives 1% of its profits back to the planet.

14. Balmie Set – Axiology, $26-98

Axiology is one of the brands fighting to change the beauty industry’s 120 billion units of packaging waste each year. This plastic-free and vegan company produces gorgeous products that are made from 10 ingredients and use previous island waste as packaging. Learn more about the brand’s mission and story, here. The three products are featured on The Detox Market but the Axiology website offers a larger range of products and may run deals this holiday season that other retailers may not.

Axiology’s shipping cutoff December 12th, to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

15. Beauty Pouch, $25-40

Store all your favorite beauty bits and bobs in theese gorgeous pouches. They’re beautiful to display on the counter/vanity table-top instead of keeping the fun prints tucked in a drawer.

16. Superberry Ceramide, $124

Étymologie has created a barrier repair oil to help strengthen, moisturize, and care for the skin. This is especially great for the colder winter months. Pair those with the beauty tools mentioned in this article—the jade roller and gua sha would be great.

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