This sustainable gift guide for the wellness enthusiast continues to feature brands and items that support a more environmental approach to the holidays and living, overall. When choosing to purchase from these gift guides, you are not only helping to support my content—at no cost to you (I may receive a small commission from the stores if someone makes a purchase through my link), but you’re choosing to support local economies, small businesses, creators, and use your purchasing power to show that ethics and the environment are a shopper’s priority.

To recap, a sustainable gift uses materials that are environmentally friendly — ones that don’t harm or exploit the earth. Second, the brand is committed to providing information on how they source their materials, run the supply chain, and approach sustainability/environmental priority. Lastly, the items featured as sustainable gifts are produced and selected with longevity in mind—not needing to be replaced after a few usages. They’re durable and intended to last a lifetime or until the product is completely gone. 

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Sustainable Gift Guide: For The Wellness Enthusiast

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1. Journaling Subscription, $15.75-24.95/monthly

Silk & Sonder is a woman and POC-founded mental wellness brand that provides journal subscriptions. At the beginning of the year, I shared in this blog post how I included the journaling subscription in my morning routine and what I noticed as a result of having morning reflection time. The monthly subscriptions provide mental health reflection activities, prompts, logs, wellness challenges & ideas, plus encouragement and support via the member-exclusive app.

Use the discount code: Macaila15Off

2. Silk Eye Mask, $24-104

3. Gift An Elevated Shaving Experience, $18-132

2 billion razors are thrown away in the USA every year. These razors and blades are part of the epidemic that is avoidable waste. Using sustainable razors or “shavers” will help to save money on all those pesky repurchases, encourage higher quality and cleaner shaving, and save the planet from incurring more preventable waste.


Well kept is a great brand that offers high-quality products and helps to elevate the shaving experience for all genders. I will say, the prices may deter someone, but before you disregard them, know this is a ONE-TIME purchase price.

One Well Kept razor is the average price of 5 disposable razors ($12.99) marketed for women.

One Well Kept razor is the average price of 7 disposable razors ($9.99) marketed for men.

How it works: the blades are replaceable. Each blade lasts 5-8 shaves. Disposable razors may last anywhere from 1-8 shaves depending on the brand, blade sharpness, and more. The Well Kept blades guarantee at least 5 shaves and cost $16 for a pack of 20 blades. That’s 100 guaranteed shaves for $16, yearly. – link to this

Shaving Accessories

These shaving accessories help to support the overall shaving experience. The soap saver helps to waste less product by providing proper storage for the product. Shave oil is great to use to help prevent nicks and burns—be sure to follow the usage directions. The razor wrap is great for ensuring the blades are safely stored—especially if pets or children are in the home. Plus, the oil and soap bundle saves money on purchasing two items, together.

4. Bath Salt/Oil, $36-60

Make a relaxing and elegant bath by adding gorgeous bath oil, salts, and soaking scents. Below are gentle and soothing options to choose from.

Gift Tip: If you purchase the bath & shower oil collection set, you could use each individual item and gift them to those on your list. Or divide them evenly between those you are shopping for. This is great for those on a budget if there is more than one person on your list that enjoys wellness and bath products.

Read The Sustainable Gift Guide: For The Green Beauty Lover

5. Affirmation & Encouragement Cards, $18-28

These six different affirmation card decks offer encouragement alongside the actionable way to bring more balance to life. Depending on the area where support is wanted or needed, these decks provide some unique tools, resources, encouragement, and reframing. Give them a try! Shop below.

6. Craft Kit, $15+

Mental health professionals have reported that crafting can greatly improve well-being in adults. It helps to reduce chronic stress and crafting improves focus— plus many other things. Consider starting with one of the crafts below or check out more DIYs, here.

7. Adult Coloring Books, $12-22

Mindful activity books such as coloring or sketching help the person to focus on things other than the thoughts, worries, or circumstances running around their brain Plus, for those expert multi-taskers, this is a great way to redirect energy that would go towards technology. Ideal for using to brainstorm, watch TV, focus on winding down, learn how to meditate, have screen-free time, and more!

8. Games & Puzzles, $12-179

Another fun yet beneficial thing that adults can bring into their lives from childhood is puzzles and games. They help to work both the left and right sides of the brain, improve memory, and decrease stress. Read more reasons why games and puzzles are great, here.

Don’t skip on these puzzle accessories

Check out the puzzle accessories, too! They make puzzles—especially those with a lot of pieces easier to sort, put together, and store.

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9. Candles, $13.50-55

Candles automatically help shift the mood. Feeling burnt out after a rough day? Light a few while making make dinner. Or, run a warm bath and grab a few candles. There are so many simple moments that can feel elevated with a simple candle—plus, they smell wonderful!

Gift Guide Tip: If you’re on a tight budget and shopping for more than one candle-lover, consider purchasing the trio-gift set and gifting the candles individually alongside a sweet card or another gift if you have that planned.

10. SodaStream, $99-190

SodaStream offers a full range of sparkling water makers, delivering fresh bubbly soda water at the push of a button, it helps to eliminate disposable/plastic bottles. One bottle of soda stream is the same as 3,070 disposable bottles. Another great thing is the company offers an exchange program for the Co2 cylinders.

11. Supplements, $12-62

If the wellness guru you’re shopping for loves trying new supplements or has those on their list, here are a few that TikTok has raved about and that was featured on The Detox Market’s website.

12. Room Diffuser & Diffusing Oils, $25-108

The diffuser is great for those who don’t want to burn candles but still appreciate having scents in the home. A diffuser also works for aromatherapy purposes. Below are two essential oil blends that can be diffused along with a diffuser.

13. Wellness Subscription Box, $39.95-58.95

Each month a selection of wellness-based items is mailed. This is a great way to discover new things and build a wellness-based routine by using the items that are sent.

14. Plastic-Free Hair Accessories Kit, $45+

I feel like hair ties and sox just poof disappear. These are safe gifts that everyone with hair will no doubt reach for at some point. Consider gifting a bundle and letting the person you’re shopping for try out these Koosh brand plastic-free hair accessory alternatives.

15. Peloton App Subscription, Try It 60 Days Free

The monthly app subscription is $12.99. Student discounts are $6.99. Military discounts are $9.99

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a Peloton exercise machine to participate in their community or workouts. The app offers many classes from bodyweight workouts to shadowboxing, weight training, barre, pilates, guided outdoor walking experiences, and guided runs. This at-home workout membership option is significantly lower than most boutique gym prices. I’ve included this because they stream internationally, and do not program their classes based on weight loss but instead focus on strength and mental well-being. The app is also available in multiple languages and offers a variety of music in their classes—the kind you actually want to exercise to. Lastly, it’s more fully accessible with modified workouts and stretches for those who are disabled. The student discount also offers those on student budgets the option to participate at a lower rate—which is again significantly lower than other boutique gyms offering the same classes.

But, what about Peloton’s sustainability?

While the company isn’t a leader in sustainability, I believe well-being and movement are important for everyone—it helps to process what the mind/body is going through, strengthen the immune system, decrease stress, and so much more Exercise is about more than losing weight and the variety of classes on this app prove that. Plus, for those in high-powered careers, working long hours, navigating stressful situations, or without a car or living in a walkable city, it’s difficult to get to a physical gym. This app makes it more accessible, which is another very important component of living sustainably. Sustainable living is about keeping up with routines that won’t make you burnt out or cost you resources, and time, or encourage the purchase of things like a car in order to do an activity or participate in something. App-based workouts can be done from an internet-based device that supports the app/website.

16. Luxury Sustainable Sheet Set, $89+

Coyuchi is a luxury brand producing its items with 100% organic fibers paired with a traceable supply chain. Nothing says wellness like feeling cozy in fresh, sustainably made, and chic sheets.

17. Cozy Organic Robe, $68-178

Whether it’s a post-shower lounge or navigating the colder winter mornings, a high-quality luxury robe is a staple. Check out these sustainable options from Coyuchi.

Any of these items pair well with items included within the sustainable gift guide for green beauty lovers. Give it a read and browse!

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