Happy Holidays! Today’s post in the sustainable holiday series is a sustainable gift guide for the bookworm. All of the products and brands featured within these gift guides are produced with environmental and ethical priorities. By shopping these gift guides, you are making a conscious decision to spend your hard-earned money to help smaller, local, and ethical environmental businesses thrive and make a difference.

I hope this sustainable gift guide for the bookworm in your life makes shopping seem less stressful and more exciting this year!

To recap, a sustainable gift uses materials that are environmentally friendly — ones that don’t harm or exploit the earth. Second, the brand is committed to providing information on how they source their materials, run the supply chain, and approach sustainability/environmental priority. Lastly, the items featured as sustainable gifts are produced and selected with longevity in mind—not needing to be replaced after a few usages. They’re durable and intended to last a lifetime or until the product is completely gone.

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Sustainable Gift Guide: For The Bookworm

Send this link to your loved ones and say which number or numbers you’d be happy to pull out of your stocking or unwrap!

1. Book Themed & Aesthetic Games, $19-45

Dive into the world of your favorite book through a puzzle or game extension of the realm. Another fun thing to do is set up a game your favorite characters have mentioned or one you think they’d like. Gather loved ones and have fun!

2. Audibook Subscription, $14.99-360

Instead of lining the pockets of Amazon, a great alternative for those who enjoy or want to explore audiobooks is libro.fm. Libro.fm also has a monthly membership. This would make a great gift for any listener!

3. Gift Card, $10-1,000

Not sure what the reader you’re shopping for enjoys paging through? No worries, here’s a gift card that you can purchase for them. Gift cards are available for purchase from $10-1,000.

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4. Cozy Blanket, $99-239

From cozy light blankets that can be draped over a reading area or weighted blankets to snuggle up with while diving into a new series, here are gorgeous and soft blankets made for readers.

5. The Perfect Mug, $17-65

It’s a given — a hot drink goes excellent with a book. Browse these fun and unique mugs or others that Uncommon Goods has curated.

6. Coffee, $11.99-12.99

Sometimes you sit down to read one chapter and then look up nine hours later and the sun is rising. Coffee is a life save for when you’ve stayed up reading too late. Allegro is one sustainably sourced coffee brand that offers a range of blends.

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7. Book Holder, $48

Sometimes the doorbell rings and you have to put the book down. Other times there may be too many ‘I can’t believe that just happened” moments that require a few moments away from the story. Whatever the reason, a bookholder will keep your place and look chic on display.

8. Book Holder For The Bath, $210

Book holders for the bathtub are perfect for those cozy and relaxing nights. Picture this: beautifully scented candles lit, a glass of wine poured, and the world of a new book. It’s the perfect recipe for relaxation and rejuvenation.

9. Comfortable & Sustainable Headphones, $43-256

For listening to audiobooks on hot girl walks, work commutes, and everything in between, eco-friendly headphones are a must! Traditional headphones take are made of non-biodegradable materials that can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. This article goes over more of the science/materials behind regular headphones and why sustainable options—like the ones featured below, from House of Marley, are a great alternative.

10. Sustainable Bluetooth Speaker, $70-167

If headphones aren’t the vibe or if the person you’re shopping for has a bluetooth speaker on their holiday wish list, check out these amazing sustainable bluetooth speaker options—also from the same brand above, House of Marley.

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11. Library Card Accessories, $12-95

I’m a sucker for library card merchandise. There’s something so academic and cozy about it. Here are a few subtle ways to channel that vibe.

12. Custom Library Embosser, $23+

This cozy touch turns books into collection items for someone’s own personal library. The Etsy shop makes these handmade.

13. Literary Inspired Scented Candles & Accessories, $15-48

This Etsy shop created Jane Austen inspired candles. There are many other book-ish themed candles to burn, too. Browse these Harry Potter inspired soy candles.

Browse the other candles, candle accessories, or gift categories on Etsy. Etsy is a website powered by 100% renewable energy!

14. Book Decor, $25-92

Keep your books upright or use teh scratch off mystery chart to uncover the next read.

15. Hot Drinks, $42-139

Every reaer needs a cuppa hot tea or their favorite drink. Here are a few fair trade and eco-friendly options.

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