What do you get for the person who seems to have tasted their way around the world or who knows every random and fun fact about wine? Well, this sustainable gift guide for the wine enthusiast provides 8 ideas that every wine lover can enjoy—from those who just turned the legal drinking age to the neighborhood tasting group host.

8 Gift Ideas For People Who Love Wine

See something you want for the holiday? Send this link to your loved ones and say which number or numbers you’d be happy to pull out of your stocking or unwrap! Thank you to The Wince Cellar Group for gifting me what I was inspired to put as gift idea number one.

1. Wine Themed Advent Calendar, $99

The Wine Cellar Group gifted me this fabulous advent calendar that I think other wine lovers will enjoy. As a traditional advent calendar, this one has a door top open each day in December leading up to Christmas. However, the spin. is that Behind each one of these doors is a trial-size bottle of wine to try.

This would also make a gift for someone who is new to the wine world or someone who just turned the legal drinking age. The assortment will help others try out new wine styles without committing to a larger size bottle or the price of one. Another reason I chose to feature this is because of the plastic-free packaging and efficient shipping that it came in. The delivery was matched based on my location to their closes location, which was able to be delivered by ground mail instead of air. This drastically reduced emissions.

Note: The Wine Cellar Group mentioned they would have these available as long as they’re in stock. They also said many people purchase them throughout December and even after. So, if you stumble on this post as the countdown to Christmas has begun, you may still be able to snag this gift!

2. Luxury Handmade Stemware, $65-390

A few years ago I wrote about the best wine glasses for red vs white wine—click here to read the post. I’m still a believer that Grassl Glass is an exceptional stemware brand. The small business based in the Western Chicago suburbs, makes its recycled glass stemware in Switzerland by working with expert glassmakers to mouth-blow the glass into a uniquely designed shape.

No matter if you invest in a full bar set or have a few glasses in one style, these wine glasses truly elevate the drinking experience. They help the flavors of the wine come through whereas other glasses may mask those tones/notes. Shop the Vigneron Series, below.

3. Chic Wine Displays & Racks, $28-319

Help the wine collector in your life show off those bottles. Here are a few ideas to gift the wine-o so that they can pull a few of their favorite wines and work them into their bar cart or into the interior as they host or finish curating their own cozy home space.

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4. Charming Wine Accessories, $10-58

In addition to the above pun, these wine charms are amazing! They’re helpful for keeping track of which wine glass is which and who drank from what. Purchase these charms or similar ones from the same shops they’re from, to include them in the next party/event/tasting group. If the person you’re shopping for has a soft spot for themed events or seasonal parties, consider getting a set that matches those vibes, or pick up a set of charms that you think would make a great theme. Include that in a personalized note, and voila, what a great personal touch!

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5. Virtual Pasta Making Class, $30

Pasta pairs excellently with wine. Consider purchasing a virtual pasta-making class so the person you’re shopping for can have their own movie-esque experience drinking their favorite wines and learning how to make delicious food.

Tip: See if there is a group rate and plan this for the friend or family group to do together!

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6. Fair Trade Chocolates, $15-73

Another thing that is known for pairing well with wine is chocolate. Aside from being better for the environment and caring for the people who make the delicious treat, fair trade chocolate may even taste better than other store bough selections. Consider buying a chocolate basket or creating your own chocolate arrangement so the wine-o you’re shopping for can set up their own at-home tasting event or munch on the bars the next time they uncork a bottle.

7. Wine Books, $15-33.49

Coffee table books that are specifically about something the person you’re shopping for loves, is a great way to show you listen and care for them. A coffee table book/book about. a passion of theirs is one way. to communicate that you are trying to bond with and support their interests. Plus, it’s. a great conversation starter. Use the options featured below as a starting point and inspiration.

8. Tasting Journal, $7.99-35

Gift a plain journal you think the person you’re shopping for will appreciate—or purchase a tasting journal, specific with the prompts to guide the wine lover during their next tasting experience.

I hope you enjoyed this sustainable gift guide for wine enthusiasts. Check out the other gift guides within this series for more holiday shopping ideas and support.

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