If you’re anything like me, music is a HUUUGE part of your life. While I’m not an international rockstar, I do know a thing or two (literally two technical things) about music from back in my band managing days- shoutout to Early June! Anyway, I love snooping around people’s Spotify and seeing what kinda tunes they listen to. I’m all over the board with what I enjoy. You can catch me listening to everything from Blink 182 to Frozen. The past two-ish years I have been more into creating playlists on Spotify. I made the jump back in late 2015 to Spotify Premium and WOAH am I glad I did. Talk about life changing. Seriously, if you haven’t upgraded you’re missing out. The playlists I create are my music diary. I love being able to look back on certain months/ a specific season of my life and reminisce about the cool artists I discovered and car jams. This season I’ve found a bunch of new artists/ songs and want to share them with you. So for all the music junkies, enjoy!

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Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

New Artist Discovery

These ones are in order of my favorite.

1. handsom ghost

2. Johnnyswim

3. Catherine McGrath

4. Maren Morris

5. Meadowlark

6. Kacey Musgraves

7. Bad Suns

8. Canyon City

My Favorite Songs From The Playlist

I’ve found myself playing these songs the most out of the playlist and are in no particular order of favorites.


8.Tequila- Dan + shay

9. Youngblood- 5 Seconds Of Summer

10. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

11. Lions- Handsome Ghost

12. Honest Mistake- Handsome Ghost

13.Eyes Wide- Meadowlark

14.Call It What You Want- Taylor Swift

1. Wake Me Up- Avicii 

2. 11 Blocks- Wrabel

3. Space Cowboy- kacey musgraves

4. thought it was gonna be me-catherine mcgrath

5. i miss you- adele

6. river lea- adele

7. Rich- Maren Morris


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