T-minus 30 minutes until Taylor Swift releases her 7th album, “Lover”. Last era I created a bracket and have made one again for the start of this one! The Album is set for release on August 23rd on all major streaming platforms, as well as in stores and online. I plan on purchasing the deluxe edition box set from Target. The Target deluxe edition album purchase is my new era tradition. For the past 13 years of album releases, this has been my tradition. Taylor Swift is quite literally the only album I purchase a physical copy from and I’m excited to get my hands on this one because of all the bonus features. Taylor has included original pages from her journal over the years and I’m intrigued to see what she wrote about and why she decided to share those pages with the world. I can’t wait to get a glimpse in Ms. Swift’s mind and see what guidance/ funny stories she shares.

Lover album tracklist:

  1. I forgot that you existed

  2. Cruel summer

  3. Lover

  4. The man

  5. The archer

  6. I think he knows

  7. Miss Americana & the heartbreak prince

  8. Paper rings

  9. Cornelia street

  10. Death by a thousand cuts

  11. London boy

  12. Soon you’ll get better

  13. Galse god

  14. You need to calm down

  15. Afterglow

  16. Me!

  17. It’s nice to have a friend

  18. Daylight

click the image below to download the bracket for free!

Taylor Swift Lover Album


Blank bracket:

Taylor Swift Lover Album Song Bracket


Taylor Swift Lover 7th Album

Prediction Of my Favorite Songs

  1. Daylight

  2. Cornelia street

  3. Afterglow

  4. The man

  5. Soon you’ll get better

  6. It’s nice to have a friend

  7. Death by a thousand cuts

  8. I forgot that you existed

  9. Cruel summer

  10. London boy

  11. Miss americana & the heartbreak prince

  12. Lover

  13. I think he knows

  14. Paper rings

  15. False god

  16. The archer

  17. You need to calm down

  18. MMe!

Taylor’s official album tracklist graphics

taylor swift lover album tracklist
taylor swift lover album
taylor swift new album lover

update: my lover bracket

After listening to the album on repeat the past 24 hours, these are my picks. I’m interested to see if my favorites change as I listen more to this gorgeous record.

Taylor Swift Lover Album Favorite Songs and Tracklist


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