Hi Friends, 
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I put together 10 kindness challenges to do this week.  I’d love for you to join in.  I left these 10 challenges somewhat open ended so you can put your own spin on it and tailor it to fit your lifestyle and schedule. All of these things are free to do and most can be done without leaving the home.

1. Smile at 5 strangers

You never know who may need to see a friendly face. Everyone is going through something. I read a quote a while back that went something like this: no matter the struggle or language spoken, a smile is the universal way of saying hello and showing love. 

2. Inspiring Texts  

Send 5 people an inspiring quote or Bible verse. 

3. Intentional Call

Call a friend or family member who you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s nice to receive an out of the blue call. 

4. Take out the neighbor’s garbage

Surprise someone on the block by taking out their trash. This small act will give them a few more minutes of their morning than expected. 

5. Help take care of a neighbors lawn

The sun is (finally) coming out and it is starting to feel like summer! Personally, my schedule is getting more and more busy with activities and work related projects. Take the time to help pull weeds, mow the lawn or plant flowers on someone else’s property.

6. Check in on the elderly couple on the block

It’s nice to feel remembered and appreciated no matter what age you are. Show your neighbors and elderly friends that you care about them by stopping over to chat or watch a movie. 

7. Walk a friend’s dog

Schedules can be tricky or busy. Not all dog walkers are available to spend extra time with the dog they are caring for that day. Volunteer to walk a friend’s dog and spend extra time showing the lovable puppy some love. 

8. Encourage others

There are a million ways to do this. This week, I want to leave a post it note with a friendly message or quote on someones car window. What are you going to do?

9. Invest in someone

Invite a friend, neighbor or co-worker over for coffee or a meal.

10. Make plans with 2 people 

Show the ones you love that you are intentional in your relationship. Make the effort to meet with them and take time to catch up and listen to your friend. 




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