My sweet friend, Gina, wrote a blog post titled “Self-Care During Election Season”. She shares ten strategies to implement to protect your energy and how to survive these next few days. I was inspired by Gina’s tips and want to build off of her ideas. In this post I am sharing correlating things to do to help you prioritize self-care. Reference Gina’s blog post here to create your own wellness guide!

1. Limit your media intake

  • Some phones have technology built in to help limit screen time by setting blocks for when you’re on certain apps. For the phones that do not have this there are apps to download to help prioritize this.

  • I was listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast and he had a guest on that posed this question when scrolling on social media “what is this helping me achieve?” As simple as this question is, I think it is important to bring intentionality into our technology leisure time. The next time you find yourself on your favorite app, pause and ask why you are on it and what this is helping you achieve.

  • If either of the points above aren’t beneficial, try deleting the apps altogether for a period of time- get rid of the distraction on your devise. If this feels like too much of a commitment, that’s okay- start small by turning off all push notifications. Click here to read why 2.5 years ago I turned off social media notifications.

2. Unfollow accounts that are triggering

  • Spend time going through the list of people your follow and hit the button on those who do not spark excitement, peace, kindness, and ultimate positivity. Your digital space is sacred.

  • As you scroll and see content on your feed, instead of passing the post, unfollow the user.

  • If you like posting about current events and dislike people’s negativity (looking at you IG trolls) try switching your account to private to limit any negativity you may be facing.

3. Get Outside

  • There are many animal shelters who are in need of people to adopt their furry friends. If you are in a pet-friendly environment and aren’t allergic, think about adopting a dog to help get you outside every day- even if it is only for a few minutes during the colder months.

  • If you are in an area that has resumed lockdown, if it is within your boundaries, sit/stand/ roll out your yoga mat and spend even 5 minutes outside.

  • Take your laptop outside and finish your task (weather permitting, of course).

  • Take a mid-day break and go for a walk around your block. This will not only help your eyes/ brain not feel horrible from staring at a screen all day, but it will help your mind and body to feel more refreshed and clear.

4. Reconnect With What Makes You Feel Good

  • Ask yourself what you enjoy and start there- if you aren’t sure, try new things and ask friends/family/co-workers how they enjoy spending their free time.

  • If you like reading, revisit a favorite story.

  • Google craft/ hobby ideas that are pandemic appropriate. Amazon and various craft stores have online guides for craft supplies that are affordable to do from your house!

  • Have the courage to lean into the things that bring you joy and help you feel settled and at home. I’ve heard so many people say the aren’t sure what their hobbies are and felt embarrassed to admit/ explore this more in depth. My opinion is there is nothing to be embarrassed about as this is all part of our journey of getting to know ourselves.

5. Call A Loved One

  • Schedule a “walk-and-talk” with your loved one where you both carve a time out to be active- walking outside- while catching up. This is a great way to blend two self care ideas in one while also taking part an activity many people included in their weekly routine.

  • In my interview with RJ Hatanaka earlier in quarantine he shared how he includes this in his daily routine. When he’s cooking he loves video chatting with his friends/ family to hear about their day and spend time together.

  • Start a virtual crafting club, book club, or take advantage of the Amazon Prime “watch party” feature and do these things with your loved ones.

6. Set Boundaries

  • Before you set boundaries in the moment, take time to reflect on which ones you’d like to set and with who. If there are certain events that keep happening which frustrate you, identify those and practice the boundary you want to implement.

  • Boundary setting can seem scary but I promise this is a superpower! Speaking with a therapist/ councilor or trusted mentor to help encourage, identify, or teach you how to set boundaries is another way to feel more comfortable understanding the power of this action and how it will protect your mental health and energy.

7. Watch Your Favorite Shows/ Movies

  • Gina shared her October Netflix recommendations. Click here to view them!

  • I also recently launched a Film/ TV section on the blog- check it out here.

  • Explore new genres/ cultures by diving into movies you’ve never watch before. During quarantine I’ve fallen in love with Bollywood films!

8. Journal It Out

  • Be intentional and ask yourself “how am I?” write in full sentences, draw, or bullet points any words or emotions that arise.

  • Explore prompts and questions you are asking yourself or seeing in your surrounding.

  • Put pen to paper an
    d release all of the thoughts/ feelings from a work experience, a relationship, or personal things you’re weighing.

click here to download and print a free journaling guide.

9. Move Your Body

  • My yoga studio, Potter & Clay provides affordable, Christ-centered yoga which will guide you through a purposeful and peaceful practice.

  • lululemon also has a resource online of all the free classes they are running and locations meeting for social distance sweat sessions.

  • Make it a goal to hit a certain amount of steps or miles per day, as well.

  • YouTube is also a great resource and has hundreds of workout videos you can sweat to.

10. Vote

  • The very reason you’re stressing can be put to rest (to a degree) when you use your voice to fight for what you believe in. Backup your words with actions by going to the polls to vote. No matter what you think or what anyone else says, your voice does matter. It matters today, in this election season, and every day after that.

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