Last month I decided to start making time to think of and write down my intentions for the upcoming month. I shared how my friend Gina creates monthly intentions and shares them on her blog and social media which in turn inspired me to do the same. Each month I’m going to be sharing the intentions I have for the next few weeks and a recap of the previous month.

My Why:

I struggled with setting these and I think this new monthly practice is just what I need to remember life can be more spontaneous and fun. It doesn’t have to be all work and injury rehabilitation for me. I often get into routines and rhythms and have a hard time adjusting to anything other than what I have set. This is a great way for me to practice healthy and responsible spontaneity!

o c t o b e r

this month’s intentions:

  1. attend 2 of the lululemon yoga classes

  2. Make time for meditation

  3. Discover a new walking and running path

  4. wake up early at least 1 day a week and go for a walk before i start my work day

  5. sit outside on the deck beore it gets too cold



Guide Questions:

  1. What Activities make you happy?

    Watching the Hallmark channel, writing, listening to music, lifting, and spending time with friends and family.

  2. What Matters Most To You?

    Same as last month, growth. Also, making time for the people I love and having them know that they mean something to me- that they’re important and I want them in my life.

  3. What is no longer serving you?

    Lukewarm relationships. People who are involved in a friendship or business relationship, etc. one minute then disconnected and no were to be found the next.

  4. What are you grateful for?

    The opportunity to start over any time I want. Thankfully I live in a country where my thoughts, actions, words, etc. are my own and not forced upon me. I have the ability to restructure my days, weeks, and life overall when I want to. If something isn’t serving me, I can actually change it and have it reflect what it is I want and need. I’m also grateful for books, movies, and dreams.

  5. What is a word, quote or mantra that resonates with you right now?

A few actually. I heard the phrase “why not me?”again in a Hallmark movie two weeks ago and that has played in my mind on a loop. Same as last month, the phrase “step into the daylight and let it go” has rung true. I’ve been saying this as a mantra and when I feel bummed about something and think back on the past few months/ things relating to my injury, I say that to myself. It’s not to erase the pain or the memory, but a reminder that I’m okay even though everything might not be “okay”. To not give whatever it may be power- to choose to see the light and let it go. It can just exist and not take my energy.

Read: “Step Into The Daylight + Let It Go.”


fall playlist

Gina’s intention worksheet

I love the worksheet Gina created as a starting point/ guide. I used this to ask myself a few tough questions and I’m including my answers below to document how I evolve over the course of the month/ year of doing this. I encourage you to jot them down in a journal, comment them on this post or save and print her worksheet out, too! What I’ve found is in the midst of growth, we may appear stuck or have blinders on with ourselves, but a year from now, when we look back, we see just how much we have changed. I always love being able to re-read where I once was and use it as a reminder of how I have grown and what I have learned.

Click here to read my answers for September.

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