June is Pride month and something I am noticing besides the conversations started around me surrounding this topic, is the bias some Christ followers have towards the community. I am a Christian and appalled by the behavior towards the LGBTQ+ community by some people declaring themselves “Christian” and “Christ followers”. I have noticed those I have volunteered with created social media posts shaming “those gays” and mocking people for coming out as transgender. My heart was incredibly sad as I see how easy it is for people to hate on others and shame them for the way they choose to live then justify that behavior by providing Bible verses as evidence to back up a claim. To me, this behavior isn’t Christian nor is it honoring Christ.

This is how Christ followers should be treating those of the LGBTQ+ community:with respect

Being a Christian means we do not need to agree with someone else’s life choices,
but continuously showing respect for the person making the decisions.

Jesus died for every gay man, as he did straight man. If Jesus was as selective in gifting his kindness, respect and love the way we as a society are, He would not have fed the 5,000 or healed the sick. Jesus socialized and distributed his everlasting respect, kindness, and love to prostitutes, murderers, adulterers, and the fraudulent. Jesus did not agree with the way they were living yet He accepted them for who they are and showed them the love of God; praying his Godly behavior would evoke a lifestyle change, leading them into a personal relationship with The Lord. Jesus knew the way to leading a person to God is not through hatred, shaming another human being, or violence. Jesus recognized the sin, but saw the sinner. He looked into people’s eyes and said “I see your faults, and I love you anyway”.

We need to be more like Jesus. His mission on Earth was to minister to us- creating disciples for when he could not be here in human form, and to save each and every one of us from ourselves and the temptations of this world. I encourage you today to take a step back. The next time a member of the LGBTQ+ community crosses your path, treat them as you would Jesus. Give them your respect. Show them kindness and love. Instead of screaming and convicting them for their sexual orientation, have a conversation with them and ask if there is anything you can pray about for them. You do not know what it is like to walk in their shoes. Furthermore, we do not have the right to criticize other’s sin when we ourselves are not sin free. Jesus calls us to love God and love others. Disrespecting a child of God is not honoring Him or our faith. Instead, it fuels the devil and gives him the upper hand.

Disagree, but do not hate.

Disagree, but do not shame.

Disagree, but do not punish the sinner.

For this is not our job; Our job is to love and reflect the Lord.

Reflect the Lord by silently praying for that person or offering to pray with them.

Reflect the Lord by speaking and interacting with the LGBTQ+ community the way you would a Christ follower.

How Christians Should Navigate Pride Month

Our behavior does not need to change towards the Lgbtq+ community.
Kindness does not need to be eradicated- but hatred does.

Jesus socialized with people deemed “outcasts” by society. He knew kindness, love and respect know no bounds. Jesus modeled this behavior, so we can see exactly how we should be living as a church and as individuals. Jesus recognized the individual for their need rather the label society placed on them, and that need is love. Jesus proved just how much He loved sinners by his interaction. If Jesus refused to heal the blind because he was a man, or refused to feed certain types of sinners, He would not have performed the miracles He is praised and known for today. You see, Jesus was not afraid of what people would think or say about Him if He spoke kindly to a prostitute or a corrupt tax collector. He held his head high and lived the way God instructs us to, truly acting as a guide for how we need to be living. One of the justifications as to why someone I know was disrespecting someone who came out as a lesbian, is because of this reason:” people might think I’m gay or agree with how she’s living”. I couldn’t help but laugh. Socialization with someone or something does not equate to conformity. Jesus is a prime example: He did not conform to a sinner’s lifestyle after having a conversation with them or being in the same room. He did not agree with the sin, but loved the sinner anyway. It is not our place to tell someone they are worthy or unworthy of Jesus’s love, because none of us deserve His love- yet Jesus continuously gives it to us.

LQBTQ+ Devotional

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