We come and go like the seasons each year.

Some of us bloom while the others choose to groom.

But still, we’re more than what meets the eye.

We’re the good and the bad- the everything in between.

When we met I saw everything in black & white.

The days are long, the months are short and the years are fast.

A rotation around the sun let light shine through the cracks.

Then, the weather warmed.

I jumped off the shelf.

Dusted myself off.

Un-boarded the windows.

Day by day I put one foot in front of the other.

What was once meek and dull, now full of life-

A kaleidoscope of colors all around.

Things are never simple.

Things are never easy.

But things are never always complex.

And things are never always hard.

There’s a rainbow in the grey area.

I thank you for the amount of time I was able to call you mine.

But now, I step into the daylight and let it go.

Surrendering that I never have to go with your flow.

Here’s to footprints on a new path and the words destined to form.

I whisper a phrase the wind carries to you-

Step into the daylight.

And let it go.

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