If y’all have been keeping up with my Instagram, you will know how I recently found a gym I’m in LOOOOVE with (shoutout to MSP). Since I’ve been loving my workouts so much, I have been trying to find ways to organize my fitness routine a bit more. I was inspired by one of my favorite Chicago bloggers, Lake Shore Lady, who tracks her workouts every month. I decided to take a page out of her book, and create my own similar workout calendar. I love how Lauren includes both a “planned” and “completed” section of the tracker for workouts.  I thought for those looking to amp up their fitness game and stay organized, I would share the workout calendar I made. I would love for you to track your progress along with me. Just click on the calendar below, and print it out!


June Recap:

June was a pretty good month health wise. My goal was to continue building up my strength, and also to branch out from my personal training sessions and start taking classes at the gym. I wanted to see which ones resonate with me and fit those into my week. Now that I have my “go-to” classes per week, I feel confident with creating my full workout schedule and also pursuing a fitness routine that is fun yet kicks my butt. The last half of June I decided to add in massages regularly, to help relieve tension any try to stimulate more tissue healing, and reduce overall tightness in my neck/ back.

I have also seen a lot of physical changes. My arms and legs are waaay more toned, and overall I feel like I have a have a bit more energy than previous months. I ended up loosing a jean size this month, which was unexpected! 


June Obstacles:

Dealing with post-injury pain. My body is still pretty sore from the head injury and whiplash. Somedays working out is more challenging- especially balance wise, but I’m learning how to work around it and my trainers do a great job with helping me find a routine that is challenging yet appropriate for my current health status.


Workouts Completed: 12

Where at? Midwest Strength + Performance

I competed 8 personal training sessions with Mike, in addition to taking 4 workout classes. 3 of those classes were with Zane and the other was with Mike. 

For those looking for a trainer but do not live in the Chicagoland area, no need to worry- Mike has online coaching! email him at: mike@mspgym.com

Click the calendar to download!

July Challenge:

My goal for July is to stay consistent with my workouts and massages. I’ve noticed a difference in my body after nearly 2 month, which is amazing and I have more energy now than when I first started training. I want to keep the sessions with Mike twice per week, and add in classes. Another goal is to attend a minimum of 3 classes, giving me a total of 5 workouts per week. My third goal is to work more on balance and integrate this into my workout (hence the classes). I’m struggling with balance post-concussion and would like to get back to quote-on-quote normal with it.


Complete 20 workout:

This would be an average of 5 workouts per week. Between sessions with Mike twice per week and classes, I’m confident I can meet this goal.


Find a new yoga studio:

This one is pretty self explanatory. I’m on the hunt for a studio where I can de-stress, work on balance, and stretch out after my workouts at MSP. So, friends in the area if you know of a  great (and affordable) yoga studio I would appreciate any and all recommendations!


Rest and Relax:

I want to incorporate meditation/ quiet time back into my day. I truly noticed a difference when I take the time to tune into myself and shut out all distractions. I also want to continue the current night time routine I have, where I’m going to bed a bit earlier than I normally do. Rest is extremely important, especially when trying to achieve fitness goals, and when recovering from any type of injury.

What are your fitness goals for July?


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