Alright, as seen on my Instagram, over the summer I joined my local lululemon run club. We meet weekly on Fridays at 7am and I try to go as often as possible. At first this was weekly for me, but I’m still recovering from a traumatic brain injury and with this, my days are pretty unpredictable as far as what I can do activity wise. Some days I’m fine to run, others I wake up dizzy and have to opt out of the run club. But, I’m trying to work up to running one time per week even if it’s for 10 minutes. My vision therapist wants me to try running as often as possible because it’s a great “real world” therapy for treating my vestibular and vision issues and help normalize day to day situations I may find myself in. For example, most of the time there are things moving around us while we’re walking/ running/ driving, etc. and my eyes need to get used to that again.

Unfortunately the weather in Chicago isn’t warm year round. As the temperature changes, my running clothes are doing the same. I realized I only have tanks and this doesn’t sport my new interest in running outside these days. I’m putting together a wishlist for running (probably going to be more walking) gear that I’m looking into for the colder months- take a peek below!


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training bra

The Enlite bra line is designed for women interested in “high support” and suitable for those with a larger cup size. This style in particular ranges from A-F cups. There are three different structural options for the Enlite bra.

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I’m convinced there’s nothing I can’t handle in my lululemon Enlite Bra.
— Macaila Britton | lululemon Enlite Bra Review


Tops + Jackets



Cold weather running gear to purchase

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