Worship music is one of the main ways I stay plugged into the Lord. Besides reading the Bible, I think this is the best way to build and maintain a relationship with God. I find myself turning to worship music even more lately. There’s been quite a bit of change in my life and with the easy access of my Spotify worship playlist, I’m reminded just how powerful God is and I can remain in the word. While I do believe reading the Bible is the most important, I can’t always do that during the day when I need a little extra love from Him. While I’m driving, working, and falling asleep, I like to put my “Jammin’ With Jesus” playlist on. The affirmation and vulnerability of the lyrics stir something in me and a wave of calm and clarity fills my soul. I love how putting in my earbuds and selecting this playlist puts me “in the game”. Hearing a 3ish minute sermon to music is always what I need until I can pick my Bible back up. Recently I started attending a run club. I never thought I would like running to worship music, but I do! It’s the encouragement I need to keep moving and push through my own limitations. I’m sharing my playlist with you in hopes that it too can provide you with what you need throughout the day.

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New artist discovery



Lifepoint Worship

Lauren Daigle


New favorite songs from the playlist

Prayed For You- Matt Stell

Closer- Lifepoint Worship

I’m Listening- Chris McClarney

Breakthrough- Chris McClarney

Come Alive (Dry Bones) – Lauren Daigle


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