Back in December I was evaluating my personal life- what worked, needed improvement and what was a “no go”. I had the idea to do the same for my beauty routine for the new year. I’m gluten free and pretty much vegan in both my diet and now beauty regimen. There were still a number of things I couldn’t part with (looking at you Urban Decay Naked palettes) but knew I needed to. My skincare routine was the best it has ever been and I noticed I how allergic my skin was feeling whenever I would put makeup on. Itchy eyelids, eyelashes falling out and allergic bumps on my skin started my search for more natural yet affordable makeup brands. Gabriel was the first brand Google presented me with and I fell in love with their products. I swear every time I’m on the website my wishlist grows- I’m all heart eyes for the concealer and radiance highlighter. Those are on the top of my “order next” list!

What I like about this brand is their transparency and reliability. I was a bit nervous seeing all the ingredients they avoid using because what in the world could be left to formulate these products?! When I read all the things they avoid using I was disgusted. I went into my vanity and threw away every single makeup item that was not 100% natural. The thought of having those chemicals on my face is horrible and concerning. 

Gabriel is free of: 

Mineral Oil

Nano/Micro sized particles
Peanuts & Tree Nuts (Lip Gloss & Cuticle Oil contain Sweet Almond Oil, Banana Smoothie Conditioner contains Shea Butter)
Propylene Glycol

Synthetic Parabens
Synthetic Chemicals
Animal Ingredients
Coal Tar Derivatives or FD&C agents
Hydrogenated Oils

Um what even?!?! Are you as shocked all that is in your makeup? I can’t even pronounce half of those things let alone understand what/ why they would be in cosmetics.

All Natural Makeup Brand

I’ve also made it a point to be as eco friendly as possible. I’m making small changes like taking shorter showers, using a refillable water bottle, not using straws, lids or plastic cups when I’m out and using products that benefit the earth. By using packing peanuts (don’t worry folks with nut allergies- these aren’t the same kind of peanuts!) made of 100% biodegradable material, Gabriel is also prioritizing the earth while producing quality products. Plus, they use vegetable starch (biodegradable) in packing which means there is zero risk for water contamination! Little things like this go a long way in the end. Companies like Gabriel make saving the earth a little bit easier- thanks guys!

Gabriel was kind enough to send me four products to wear and review- all opinions are my own. The product that quite literally made me scream from excitement is the Fairytale eyeshadow palette. I mentioned a few paragraphs ago how my eyes would itch. It was refreshing to put shadows on my lids that didn’t end in itching or burning. I like this palette because of how neutral and simple it is. I think it is important to have a palette like this because there are endless looks to create even if it may seem the opposite with four colors. These shadows are great for multiple occasions: work, school, weddings/ special events and transitioning from day to night makeup. The colors are buildable which surprised me because I’ve tried natural cosmetics in the past that were horribly expensive, looked terrible on and did nothing- thank goodness these look fabulous! This palette debunked the “natural makeup isn’t as good as normal makeup” stigma for me. I like this palette more than my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette which I’ve hit pan on and used almost every time I went for an eye look. The shadows stay in place without a primer, which never happens on my lids- yay for not smudging! Honestly, I can go on and on about this palette but I want to share my love for the other three products. 

Along the lines of shadow, I tried out the Blender Brush and oh my goodness it’s better than my MAC 217. I know, that’s the holy grail of blending brushes. The Gabriel brush was more gentle on my eyes. The bristles didn’t feel scratchy or pull on my eyelids/ crease. The brush also didn’t take away the product, but rather redistributed the shadow to ensure an even blend.  Not to mention this brush is nearly $10 less expensive than the MAC brush. Talk about a win-win!

Gluten Free, All Natural Blush and Eyeliner

Gluten Free, 100% Natural Cosmetics

Third we have the Blush Multi Pot in the shade Conch. The perfect every day, easy to blend soft pink fit for every and any occasion. Seriously, why isn’t this in your makeup bag already?! The blush appears to be matte, but if you look closely there is a bit of shimmer in the formula. Don’t be alarmed, there isn’t enough to make you look like a disco ball. This blush gives the perfect “sun kissed flush”, like the website says. The shimmer is just noticeable when the light catches, making the skin look radiant and youthful. 

Lastly is this bad boy: the Classic Eyeliner in the color Navy. Woah, is this pencil amazing! There is zero pulling/ tugging on my eyelids when I swipe this across. The pencil tip doesn’t break easily or dull. It’s a quality formula and only $12! Like the shadows, this is easy to blend if you’re going for a more natural or smoked out look. The formula is buildable and the color is true to the name. The product doesn’t slip and slide around my eye like most lower priced beauty products. I will be posting a separate “get the look” tutorial featuring this product. Stay tuned, folks!

Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan Makeup

Now you know how I feel about Gabriel and the products I’ve tried out, let me hear from you! Tell me which ones are in your makeup bag and on your wishlist. Also, stay tuned for two more Gabriel posts. These are tutorials/ get the looks!

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Gabriel Cosmetics Makeup Review

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