Hi friends! 

I hope your week has been nothing less than fun and fabulous! Today’s post is all about my new vintage find. My friend Joanne from FabsCardboardStore had this baby and I couldn’t resist it. Pop on over to her Etsy shop and treat yourself to a treasure or two!

Let me first start out by saying I LOVE THIS TRAIN CASE!!!! The first thing that is noticeable after opening the train case, is the mirror and tray. The mirror is in stellar condition for how old the case is. There isn’t a scratch on it. One of the most convenient things about this case, besides the mirror is the tray. It is divided into 5 sections. I like that each section is large enough to practically store my items. The tray is also removable, which is great if I need to store larger items or products..

As I mentioned above, the tray can be removed. Below is what the bottom looks like with that piece removed. As you can see, I’m not storing any larger things that would need the extra space that the tray takes up.

Products from left to right: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Body Butter, NUDE Skincare facial oil, Beauty Counter Skin Tint and NUDE Skincare Radiant Day Moisturize.

My favorite part of this case is the pouch attached to the inside. The pouch is lined with plastic and is perfect for storing products that may leak on a roadtrip. Plus, this is a super cute way to store brushes!

_MG_9932 2.JPG

Alrighty folks, this concludes the tour of my snazzy vintage train case. I hope you liked seeing what was inside!I plan on taking this with me on future trips and to beauty events. The storage is amazing and the case is quite durable. 

If you have a train case, snap a picture and tweet it to me! Twitter: @Macailab13

Have a great rest of your week! Xx


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