Happy Wednesday! We’re officially half way through another week. To celebrate, I want to drop in with a few Bible verses I find to be quite comforting. I hope these can provide you or someone you know with comfort, joy and hope as well. My favorite way to use these are as phone lockscreens. In fact, that’s what I had in mind when designing. No worries if the lockscreen isn’t  your cup of tea.

There are plenty of other ways to make use of the verses. 

  1. Print them out and use them in a mood board

  2. Print them out and use them in a dream board

  3. Print them out and use them in a journal, Bible journal or prayer journal

  4. Make postcards out of them. Print them and add a message to the back!

  5. Give them as a gift to a friend in need

  6. Leave them randomly around town for people to read

  7. Put them in your neighborhood mailboxes

  8. Bring them to the library, church, community center, etc. and leave them at a table for others to find

  9. Ask your friends and family to take the one that speaks to them/ the message they need to be reminded of

  10. Share with friends on social media

  11. Ask your friends, family or youth group, etc. to take the message they think one person in particular needs and give to them














Get creative! There are so many ways to spread these verses around. I would love to see how you show God’s love!


COmment below or tag me in a photo on social media with what you end up doing! 

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