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I want to take the time and share with you information about an upcoming event. This week a few friends and I are contributing to something called “WAR Chest Boutique”. WAR Chest “is the retail arm of the non-profit organization” which stands for Women At Risk, International. The organization aids young girls and women who were once involved in sex trafficking. The proceeds from this event will go toward obtaining a safe house for these women, and allow them to create a new life for themselves. WAR Chest not only provides safe shelters for these women, but teaches the survivors skills to start a new career, building a new life for themselves.

“WAR, Int’l addresses several risk issues, but most of the women behind our products have been at risk or rescued from sexual exploitation and modern day slavery (human trafficking).”

The life changing organization was founded in 2006 and to this day is “represented in all 50 states and is currently expanding into new countries as additional projects and partnerships are being formed.”

WAR Chest is more than a business. WAR Chest is a second chance for women who had a difficult time. WAR Chest has given women (and even a few men) hope, confidence and encouragement to start the next chapter of their life. 

I want to expand WAR Chest’s reach. I am bringing part of our “WAR Chest Shopping Extravaganza” to those outside of my group of friends and people directly in my life. Since not everyone can be in attendance for the event next week, I have decided to create this post, to help support the young girls and women who have endured a difficult past. With the purchase of any products from the WAR Chest Boutique (link below), you will be contributing to the wellbeing of others this Holiday. Not only will you have wonderful gifts for loved ones, but you can take pride in knowing you have dramatically changed lives.

Learn more about WAR Chest here

Our goal is to raise $700 to provide one safe house- but I think we can do more. I’m challenging everyone to pitch in and help double WAR Chest’s goal. This is the time of year for giving, and we can do exactly that! 

Why should we choose or limit who deserves to enjoy Christmas this year? The “most wonderful time of the year” should be experienced by all, and not solely for those who have yet to endure or understand the hardships others are facing today. 

I challenge you to shop with a purpose this Holiday season. By giving one of these gifts to your loved ones,  you are transforming these women’s lives.

The WAR Chest Mission

” To Market and sell the women’s work, empowering them to make a living with dignity and to expand the programs they’re in to help more at risk women.”

“To educate our shoppers about the risks facing women around the world and invite them to make a difference by shopping with a purpose and sharing the stories of the women who made their pieces.”


I understand that the Holidays can be stressful and tight on many budgets. However, luckily for you there are many affordable options, and something that can fit into every budget. The best part is every single product will count towards the safe houses. 


Click here or visit the WAR Chest Boutique in Naperville, to find the perfect gift for you! 

WAR, Int’l not only creates safe places for women and children but also gives voice to their silenced cries by educating communities in the United States about the issues and by providing individuals with practical ways to “do something” about what they have learned.”

On behalf of WAR Chest, I would like to say Thank You. Thank You for taking the time to positively impact others and for shopping with a purpose

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