Use the itinerary below as an at-home cozy winter/snow day. Feel free to amend the schedule to fit your day. The current layout is ideal for those with a flexible work schedule, students, or those with a day off. I have blocked general activities to do throughout the day, which again can be replaced with a specific task or with your work projects. I encourage you to use the time blocks for projects where you don’t need to be online at a certain time or in meetings. Use the model below and sprinkle in a fun activity for a brain break to ensure you are the most productive and staying in tune with who you are––not just what work/school/tasks demand from you.

For A Peaceful Morning

Wakeup + Ready Your Space

When you wake up, start your day on a productive note by refreshing your mind, body, and space you’re in.

5:00 | It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

  • Use the restroom

  • Make your bed

  • Drink at least 8oz of water

  • Take a pre-workout/ eat a pre-workout snack if preferred

  • Feed/ walk pet(s)

5:30 | Workout

Morning yoga/ favorite indoor workout

6:00 | Get Ready For The Day

  • Shower

  • Slow skincare routine

  • Put on your favorite playlist and a cozy sweater

Vintage accessories

7:00 | Create A Cozy Space

  • Light the fireplace or put on a crackling tech/YouTube background

  • Open the curtains to let the winter sunlight streaming in

  • Water the plants

  • Make a hot cup of tea or coffee


7:30 | Breakfast

Try my favorite quick and easy to make avocado toast recipe.

8:00 | Mindful Moment

Light your favorite candle, sit in a cute corner of your space or in your favorite cozy spot

  • Journal/meditate/pray to prepare your mind for a positive and productive day

9:00 | Work, Study, or Mindful Activity

Beginning the day with a mindful activity is a great way to feel awake, challenged, and productive. Silence your phone or put it on airplane mode and lean into a morning of purpose and intention. Below are three suggestions for activities stimulating your brain.

Activity #1: Read a book

  • Audible has books available for new titles you’re interested in reading but may not have in the house. Check out their catalogue and see if any books jump out at you. Audible does have a free 30-day trial, so if you discover audio books are not the thing for you, cancel after you try it out.

Phillipa Gregory Historical Fiction Novels

Activity #2: Puzzle

There are so many fun puzzles on the internet! Amazon has a lot of pop-culture references like Gilmore Girls, The Golden Girls, Star Wars, Taylor Swift, and more!

Activity #3: Baking

I’m trying to become a better baker (I type that not having actually baked anything in a long time). But, I’m going to try to bake something once a month. Pinterest is my favorite source for discovering new recipes. Have a look at my Pinterest “Cakes + Bake” board if you’re needing to find a recipe to try out.

An Inspiring Afternoon

Noon | Lunch

1:00 | 30 Minute Walk

1:30-2:00 | Self-Check In

  • How are you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally?

  • Are you happy with the pace of your day so far? If not, how do you want to change it and for the rest of the day to flow?

  • How many glasses of water have you had? Drink more! Need a post- walk snack? Grab something yummy to munch on

2-4:oo | Activities

Activity #1: Craft

  • Coloring books

  • Sudoku

  • Painting

  • At Home Potter Kit

  • Creative writing

  • Follow a craft online with a virtual class or YouTube video

Activity #2: Your favorite thing to do

  • Writing/music/arts

  • Reading

  • Gardening

  • Fitness/sport activity

  • Cooking/baking

  • Letter writing

  • Watching a favorite movie/tv show

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One Eventful Evening

5:00 | Log Off/Activity Switch

If you’re online working, studying, or pursuing a digital hobby, it’s time to switch and log off from computer based tasks. If your mind is still generating ideas and to-do’s, before you close your laptop open a new document and bullet point those ideas so you don’t forget. Take the time to write down what you need or want to do the next time you’re online working on these tasks or assign a specific time to do so. By doing this, you are decluttering your mind and teaching yourself to honor your boundaries and have more firm digital boundaries. In a time where the work from home boundaries are blurred, it’s important to allow yourself the mental and emotional space that comes along with powering down your tech and your to-do list.

  • Don’t forget to drink more water! I was told that we should be among to drink half of our body weight (pounds) in ounces of water

    • Weight in pounds / 2 = ounces of water to drink per day

    • I weigh 133 pounds, which means I need to drink 66.5oz of water per day

6:00 | Dinner

Pour a glass of wine and put on your favorite playlist/album/artist and dance around the kitchen while you make yourself a nutritious meals. And, don’t forget to feed those furry friends/pets if they live with you.

Listen to:

7:00 | Host a virtual murder mystery

A book blogger I follow on Instagram posted that she and her friends were gathering virtually for a theme night to solve a murder mystery. I instantly thought of the movie clue and remembered how much I loved the original when I saw it. There are companies that have downloadable kits available for purchase that teach you how to run your own murder mystery night. Have fun dressing up as the character the host assigns to you and go all out with props to create a background that fits the case!

A Relaxing Night

9:00 | Self-Care Night

Now that you’ve had a wonderful, eventful, and productive day, it’s time to wind down and ease into a nighttime routine. It’s important to prepare the mind and body for bed, to sleep well.

  • Take your makeup off, put on a facemark

  • Start a bath with your favorite bath bars/bath bombs/bubbles

  • Light a candle and dim the lights (my favorite scented ones are from Cavill and Wicks)

  • Put on a playlist, audiobook, or watch a relaxing show


10:00 | Unwind

Set your alarm for the next morning, lay anything needed out to help you go through tomorrow’s routine, and keep your phone off and in a designated charging area. Use this time to calm your mind and have zero screen time. The blue light will keep you up and is known to cause poor sleep.

  • Meditate/journal/pray

  • Read another chapter from a book

  • Color

  • Stretch

10:30 | Lights out

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