Last month at my Propel Women’s Chapter we started the evening with the phrase “if you really knew me you would know..” and then filled in the blank. Well, if you really knew me you would know I love the Hallmark channel. Love might actually be an understatement… seriously. A week or two ago when the Fall Harvest lineup was announced and the official movie promotions aired, I learned about the Hallmark channel app. Obviously I had to download it right away. On the app there is a list of the movies scheduled to premier for the current seasonal promotion. This season’s is “Fall Harvest” and there are 4 new original Hallmark Channel movies airing! While setting a reminder on my phone for those ones, I also discovered the previous year’s movies and how I can mark which I have already seen plus the ones I want to watch. The app inspired me to create a BINGO card and invite a few friends to join me in playing. My best friend Rachel lives in another state and one of the ways we connect is through Hallmark movies. We both love the channel and tune in for the new movies and find ourselves putting that channel on before others. Since Rachel and I can’t watch these movies together in person, I thought playing Hallmark BINGO would be fun for Rachel, her sister a few of our other friends/ family and I to feel connected despite being so far away. Plus, who doesn’t like a bit of healthy competition? Lastly, nothing screams “autumn” to me more than curling up with a hot cup of cocoa and watching a Hallmark Channel movie marathon!

free bingo card download!


how to find the movie schedule

Download the “Hallmark Movie Checklist” app or view the schedule online. If you’re downloading the app, make sure it looks like the red one below! There are a few Hallmark apps on the store. While they’re all amazing, the Hallmark Movie Checklist will provide the schedule, movie previews and the watchlist.

fall harvest watchlist:

  1. Forever In My Heart

    Premiers: Saturday, September 14th 9:00PM/ 8:00 CST

  2. Over The Moon In Love

    Premiers: Saturday, October 5th 9:00PM/ 8:00 CST

  3. Love, Fall & Order

    Premiers: Saturday, October 12th 9:00PM/ 8:00 CST

  4. Good Witch Halloween: curse from a rose

    Premiers: Saturday, October 19th 9:00PM/ 8:00 CST

  5. My One & Only

  6. Autumn In The Vineyard

  7. Love Under The Olive Tree

  8. Love Struck Café

  9. Rome in love

  10. Country At Heart

  11. Pumpkin Pie Wars

  12. Falling For Vermont

  13. A Feeling Of Home

  14. A Harvest Wedding

  15. Autumn Dreams

  16. Falling For You

  17. Harvest Love

  18. October Kiss

  19. Pumpkin Pie Wars

  20. Truly, Madly, Sweetly

Take a look online or on the app to see when the movies I mentioned above are scheduled! Plus, checkout and add other movies to your watchlist! There are SO many Hallmark movies and I plan on watching as many as I can this season.. and not just the ones listed above.

hallmark channel original movies fall 2019

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