Earlier this month I attended the free lululemon vision and goals workshop at their new Lincoln Park Experiential store. This was the debut of the Values and Goals workshop and it was absolutely amazing! I saw this event on the @lululemonchi Instagram account and signed up ASAP. Good thing I did because both nights ended up filling up the day of the announcement. What drew me to this event is the process behind achieving goals. For those who know me, it’s no secret that I’m all about growth. In fact, a few years ago my best friend and I made this our official slogan. “All about growth, baby. All. About. Growth.” is the phrase we utter to each other pretty much 24/7. We’re always looking to improve ourselves and make sure our words, thoughts, and actions are healthy and positively contributing to the community/ world. I love seeing that lululemon is also about this mission and willing to equip the community with the tools and resources to become the best version of ourself for ourself and those around us. In this post I’m sharing the 411 on the lululemon “Live Into Your Fullest Potential Workshop on Values and Goals”.

In this article you will learn how:

  • To define and plan a realistic goal.

  • Maintain a goal.

  • Unlock your values.

  • Creating a timeline to achieve a goal.

lululemon Lincoln Park Experiential Store in Chicago for a Goals and Visions Workshop

Workshop Description:

“lululemon Lincoln Park was built to unleash the full potential within every one of us. This month we are opening our vision and goal coaching to our community. Join us for an inaugural workshop full of personal development and growth lead by our internal training team. In the session, you’ll be guided through setting goals rooted in your core values and leave the room ready to live into what ignites you.”

Before we started on the guide, the workshop leader asked us to introduce ourselves then make our way back to a seat for journal- reflection time. She provided two questions we asked ourselves and wrote the answers to.

Ask Yourself:

1) What are your values and do you live by them?

2) What would I do if I could not fail?

3) What are my limiting beliefs?

After answering these question, we went around the room and introduced ourselves like this: “Hi, my name is Macaila and if I could not fail I would publish a book”. There was no additional information given or small talk exchanged. We were tasked with the introduction of our name and stating what we wrote about if we could not fail.

Now is the time for you to get in the backseat. You’re not driving. I am.
— What you Tell yourself to regain control of your Life

Two Steps to Mindfulness:

  1. Recognition

  2. Redirect

Who do you want driving your life?

Are you really the one behind the wheel? There’s a difference between being on auto-pilot and consciously choosing to participate and work on things leading you to XYZ goal. When the limiting beliefs you wrote down (question 3 above) start to creep into your mind, tell yourself “this isn’t true” and don’t let it drive you. For me, one of the limiting beliefs I have and wrote down is “I can’t make a difference. I’m just one person”. When this doubt pops into my mind I reframe it and take control so it doesn’t control me. I turn this into “I can make a difference.” Then I list off the people I can immediately talk to and who I know will listen and affirm this. Example: “I can make a difference. Rachel will listen and join me. I have a team”.

Photo:  lululemon

Photo: lululemon

Wouldn’t it be cool if…?

I believe it’s possible.

Part of achieving any goal is redirecting your thought process. After the recognition and reframe, tell yourself wouldn’t it be cool if I became_____? Then affirm it is possible. Example: Wouldn’t it be cool if I became a published author? I believe it is possible. Take the fear, the doubt- that thing you’ve put on the back burner or never fully allowed yourself to think about or dream of and put it in this phrasing. So often when we’re talking to friends, family, etc. we say a variation of “wouldn’t it be cool if”. We ask our best friend “wouldn’t it be cool if we could go to Germany in May?” a part of that is true. When we bring this phrasing up it’s because some part of us ACTUALLY wants to do it and achieve that- even if we aren’t making it a goal and have an action plan. The thought is there and it needs to be recognized. Most of the time those things we ask about are not unreasonable and 100% attainable. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could go to Germany in May? I believe it’s possible”. Let’s start planning the trip and keep an eye on tickets. BOOM- done. Goal set and is being actively worked on. It’s that simple.

writing a goal:

The way that you write a goal can help set you up for success. It is vital that you have a clearly defined focus and that you phrase it in a way that encourages your active participation.


Your goal should stretch you in a good way, with effort and commitment.


Write your goal using definitive language with enough detail that you know what success looks like. You need to know when you can tick it off and celebrate. Using “I will…” to start your goal expresses a strong intention about the future with a determination and drive.


Set a date to have it completed, and make sure you celebrate when you’re done. The ideal completion date is roughly between 6 and 18 months. This keeps you feeling actively engaged. If you have a long-term goal, try to give yourself a task that you can achieve towards it, in the next 6 to 19 months. This will keep you focused on your big dream and can often help you achieve it sooner than you’d though. If you have an on-going goal, decide how often you’ll do it and when you’ll start. Beginning mindfully and with the right tools or resources may take some preparation. Also set a review date.

this week:

Call forward your beliefs- those things you value most. language creates your reality. Make sure you’re speaking true, kind, encouraging words to yourself- even when you feel like you’re failing or are off track. Remember your values and live by them!

Thank you lululemon Chicago for coming up with this idea and for opening it up to the community to help us grow and achieve our goals!

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