This blog post is the final part of my series outlining the metrics I will use to measure and align my blog/website and digital footprint. In addition to The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, I will be using The Terra Carta for ethical digital environmental progress. I want to transition the digital communications, marketing, and PR industry to be more ethical and environmentally focused starting with my website and the projects attached.

On her phone, Macaila reads her PDF resource about The Terra Carta For Ethical Digital Environmental Progress.
On her phone, Macaila reads her PDF resource about The Terra Carta For Ethical Digital Environmental Progress.

What Is It?

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales’ charter of ambitious and practical action to help the private sector accelerate progress toward a sustainable future. 

The Terra Carta’s Five Dimensions:

  • Reimagining the future
  • Redesigning net-zero and Nature-positive transition
  • Rebalancing investment
  • Rethinking market forces
  • Reinvigorating innovation

Ethics & The Environemnt In A Digital Capacity

I will be applying the Terra Carta to the digital and communications space, as a way to align my blog and other projects with criteria that are positively impactful. As opposed to the SDGs, these Articles were more applicable to digital, communications, marketing, and creative industries because they were more specific on industry-wide markets versus industry or government-specific, which the UN has outlined. While both are incredibly important, the Terra Carta was easier to understand and apply because many of the UN SDGs aren’t applicable to me or even close to being within my sphere of influence—I’m not a brick and mortar, handling other companies’ finances, or deciding the policy/law for Nations.

The systems approach also makes it easier for me to build a strategy that would support the SDGs, instead of the other way around. There are a few points in the SDGs that I consider action points for achieving the Articles outlined in my document, linked and previewed below.

My Ethical & Environmental Digtial Guide

During the next few months, I will be publishing information going more in-depth about my ethical digital environmental impact, goals, and mitigation.

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