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I have spent quite a bit of time these past few weeks thinking about the direction I want Operation Beautiful Nation to go in for the remainder of this year, while I start planning content for 2018. Since January, I have learned an incredible amount in regards to social justice and our global issues. I have decided to switch it up a bit. Every month there will be a theme for OBN posts. For the remainder of August, it is “Shop To Stop”. There are simple ways we can fight global issues, without having to go on a mission trip or sacrifice our routines. I have complied a few stores and items where you can shop for items, while making a difference. Shop to stop education inequality.

 AG Hair

“Co-Founder Lotte Davis is passionate about empowering women. Originally from Africa herself, she was acutely aware of the disproportionate inequality women and girls in Africa suffered, and in 2008, she began to work on a plan to help alleviate this. She started her own charity called One Girl Can, and through regular visits to Kenya and Uganda, a very unique, holistic program developed. It ensures the successful transition of one girl living in extreme poverty to one woman working in a career of her choice, having a voice in her community, and eventually giving back herself to ensure the next generation get the same opportunity as she did”.

My Favorite Products:
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Education & more

“Education And More is a Christian, fair trade charitable organization providing assistance to artisans and their families through educational opportunities and Fair Trade. Many children in Guatemala are able to attend school for only 1-2 years before leaving because of a lack of money and needing to help their family earn an income.  Recent data shows that over 1 million children do not attend school in Guatemala. Girls especially are kept at home to help with younger children and with household chores”.

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“The future of African communities depends on the education and empowerment of young people. If our youth are helped with the dilemmas they face, such as harsh poverty and lack of infrastructure, they will be empowered to lead their communities in the future. Alaffia product sales have funded the construction of ten schools throughout Togo and provided school supplies to 32,842 recipients”.

My Favorite Products:


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