How many more people have to die before we actually make a change? How many more children have to pass away? How many more adults will be struck down? How many more law enforcers will become injured or killed? How many more people will be subjected to sexual assault? How many more people will go without clean drinking water- a fundamental human right? How many more people will continue living in fear because of their race, religion or gender? How many more America? How many? When will we decide to stop being bystanders, and become activists? When will we stand up and demand the change our country needs? These issues- our country’s safety and well- being is more than wearing the “democratic” or “republican” label. It is time to stand up for ourselves, because no one else will. Today we need to speak up and push for justice. If we maintain our silence, this is all we will ever have. Aren’t you tired of seeing you brothers and sisters suffer? And what of your suffering? Aren’t you tired of that too?

No matter your religious, political or individual beliefs, we can all agree on one thing: something needs to change.

How can something happen if we are not continuously acting for this change? It is time to do more that tweet about how upset we are over the latest tragedy. It’s time to start doing more than complaining about the flaws of the American government on Facebook and MAKE A CHANGE. It is perfectly okay to talk about these things and share your opinion on social media. However, it is equally, if not more important to take action and change the very things you are discussing online. I understand being shy, scared, lazy or bothered. But when feeling those things, it is important to not let fear overpower us. We are America; land of the free, home of the brave. It is time we all start acting like it. Let’s be brave and eradicate injustice in our country, together.

How can we be the change? 

Being the change means becoming proactive and serving local communities: giving back to others, taking care of those in our backyard and not submitting to fear. Change means respectfully challenge our politicians, friends, neighbors and those in general. Doing so means we are one day closer to being able to look at our phones, TVs and computers, without seeing heartbreaking headlines flash across those very screens, informing us of the latest tragedy in our country. I don’t know about you, but I am sad and fed up with the amount of mass shootings, murders and how many of our people are living in poverty without necessities like: food, shelter and education. It is time we take a stand. It is time for us to speak up. It is time for us to make enough noise, that a change occurs. It is time to do more than complain about how much we need things to change. It is time we become that change. 

Call your representative, today.

Organizations leading this change:

American Red Cross
Feeding America
The Salvation Army
American Heart Association
Make A Wish Foundation
Feed The Children
American Refugee Committee
The Trevor Project
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Volunteers Of America
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Charities Aid Foundation
Melville Charitable Trust
National Coalition for the Homeless
Keep America Beautiful
Green America

Photo: New York Post

Photo: New York Post

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