Throughout January I’m going to share a page each day from my journal along with the prompt, in efforts to break the stigma around mental health and actively bridge the gap, normalizing sharing what’s on our hearts/ minds. I am a firm believer when we are vulnerable, we reach, encourage, and set a new tone. One of the blessings 2020 unveiled was people sharing more accurately what their world looks and feels like. Many people admitted they weren’t okay mentally and shared why. Many people were candid, sharing tips their therapist had offered in a session, and a plethora of accounts provided journaling prompts for the internet to dive into the practice of self-check ins.

My favorite thing about journaling is there is no set way of doing so, as long as words find their way to a page or digital adaptation of such. While I (quite nervously) release my journal and I bare my soul, I hope you will join me in taking the step to break the stigma around mental health and self-care. I invite you to privately or publicly tune into yourself through #JournalingJanuary.

Next Steps:

Come back to the blog everyday to read my page of the day. Input your information below to receive the overview of #JournalingJanuary’s prompts. Print out the sheet and stick it somewhere you will be reminded and encouraged to journal each day.

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