Last night my friend Celeste and I attended Project Reclaim‘s worship night, to raise awareness for human trafficking. Project Reclaim partnered with Naomi’s House to help educate and raise awareness around this issue. I learned that 24,000 women and girls are sexually exploited in Chicago alone. That’s crazy! It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this number is only a reflection of one city. Naomi’s House is a program for women who have “suffered from commercial sexual exploitation”. Naomi’s House believes that “every woman who has suffered from commercial sexual exploitation deserves a new start”. Click here to learn how you can make a difference. 


Over 21 million people are trafficked around the world.

5.5 million are children.

1.5 million are in the United States.

There is a $32 billion profit with human trafficking, globally.


Project Reclaim and Naomi’s House hosted a worship night to raise funds for the women and young girls who survived human trafficking. The event was hosted at Community Christian Church‘s Naperville campus, called “The Yellow Box“. People of all ages gathered to worship and show their support. I was impressed by the amount of young adults in attendance. The groups of young men and women praying and worshiping intent fully was inspiring and heartwarming. Oftentimes events like this speak to the older generations. On a Friday night, these teenagers were making a difference. These people are leaders and they are going to be what changes the world and this issue. 


Know the S I G N S:
•Large age gap between male & female
•Appearing unhealthy, malnourished, injured, scared or abused
•Avoiding eye contact, touch and social interaction
•Seemingly anxious
•Lack of possessions and official ID
•Visible tattoos or branding on the neck/back

If you see these signs, please call: (888)-373-7888 or visit

While human trafficking is most common with women, there are men being trafficked too. Know the signs, save a life. Stop human trafficking.

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