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It’s the start of a new week. Due to the few weeks of traveling and technical errors (thanks internet), it has been a bit of time since there was a weekly challenge. However, despite the absence you all have continued to follow the mission. I have seen amazing ways people have taken part in Operation Beautiful Nation. For instance, a friend of mine decided to create and hang up signs in her school bathroom encouraging young women that they are enough, reminded them they are beautiful, important and loved the way they are. She did not seek credit for these signs or draw attention to herself. She selflessly decided to spread love to others. Thank you Emma for being a leader and taking part in this movement. 

My youth group co-leader, Shannon, brought mugs for our group to decorate. We wrote bible verses and encouraging messages on these once ordinary mugs. Shannon’s idea of turning an everyday simple item into something that can inspires others, is amazing! I now find myself reaching for my “love mug” over other cups. 

This week’s message is a bit different. Going straight to the challenge, we’re going to be talking about ways we can show love and serve the way Shannon and Emma have. 

Photo Credit: Courtney Clinkert  

Photo Credit: Courtney Clinkert


We challenge you to use your talents to inspire and bring change. Change happens when we are brave enough to recognize a wrong and take action to make what is around us, better. Anyone can make a difference but not everyone decides to. Be the person who is bold enough to change the world. Start with what you have, with what you are good at and have a passion for. Be the reason our world is full of love and a safe place to live.  

Turn your Passion Into Change: 


Photography- Ask those you admire if you can photograph them. Pour into others and watch as your love is accepted and passed on.

Art- Sell or auction off old art work/ pieces of your choices and give the money to charity.

Music- Write a song and donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice. 

Business- Start a non-profit, a social media movement, a community challenge or something new!

Writing- Tell people why you want things to change. Use your voice and help others see your passion. Write about why you want a certain issue to turn around or why you volunteer at the places you do. 

Fashion- Donate old clothing, set up a charity fashion show, sew clothes for the homeless and drop them off at a shelter. 

Cooking/ Baking- Host a dinner party and have guests bring something to donate, plan a bake sale- get creative!

Teaching- Volunteer to help children who are struggling in school and unable to afford a tutor. Also, try leading a small group!

Serving- Gather a group of friends, neighbors, colleagues and community members to spend time giving back. Make your service project a regular occurrence. 


There are a million and one ways to make a difference. If we remove the limitations we put on ourselves, amazing things will happen. The suggestions above are a small fraction of hobbies and ways we as a community can help those in need. This week make it a priority to turn what you love into a way that can help others. By doing this, we are making the world more beautiful. Don’t be afraid. Take the challenge! 

Make sure to share your stories, adventures, photos, videos and more on social media! 
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Special thanks to Courtney Clinkert for allowing me to use her photo.


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